Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oddities in Virginia

We've had quite a bit of rain lately in the Mid-Atlantic states. If it wasn't raining it was cold. Weird, I say.

That, coupled with ScooterBob's recent visit to the body shop, means that we've had few opportunities for two-wheeled adventures. Yesterday started off looking rather ominous, and afternoon rain was in the forecast, but it was International Female Ride Day and I was determined to get out on two wheels, even if just for an hour or two.

Those of you who know me well are aware that I get a big kick out of roadside oddities. Big, kitschy, odd stuff, interesting signage and stuff like that. I think it's fun. It delights me.

I think Bob enjoyed seeing the unusual stuff I shared, so yesterday's goal was to see some local oddities in these parts.

Stop #1 was the Moo Thru ice cream shop. They've got a nice pair of cows. I love cows, too, real and otherwise, so it made sense to go there first.

Riding High

All of these pics are straight out of the camera. Look at that sky!

ScooterBob with the Moo Thru cow family.

From there, we headed to the Rollerworks Family Skating Center to see another famous local roadside oddity, a giant roller skate.

ScooterBob on the giant skate.

Although the skies looked rather threatening, it seemed to be clearing in the west, so that's where we headed. Toward the mountains.

Looking west on US-211 at US-522

We did encounter a bit of rain not far from the giant skate, but, sure enough, things were looking up in the west.

Quick stop at Cooter's.

I couldn't resist stopping at Cooter's.

ScooterBob with the General Lee

It's a restaurant, but I've never actually eaten there. It's usually pretty crowded, which either means the food is good, or all the other folks sucked in by the kitsch were really hungry when they stopped. I wasn't, so off we went. I was excited to reach an extra-special attraction.

That sign ALWAYS makes me smile.

That's not the extra-special attraction I was talking about. What was? You'll have to wait for my next post.

A cliffhanger! LOL. Sorry, but it's worth waiting for. Besides, it's Mother's Day here in the US and I have some visiting to do.


  1. A great set of oddities. How cool ScooterBob could visit Cooter's garage.

  2. Cool to see ScooterBob seeing "the sights". By the way, who's hosting him next?

    1. Dom, I believe it's Matt T. But I'm waiting to hear back from him. Next weekend should be SB's last with me.

  3. "Antique Tables Made Daily". Love it.

  4. I am so glad you are the Queen of Kitsch! Your majesty! I love the pics.

  5. I'm jealous of SB - he got to meet the General!

  6. What an eclectic selection of oddities. It looks like Virginia is oddity central. Exactly what Bob would look for. Great job, Kathy.

  7. The General Lee and a giant skate on the same day!

  8. Hmmm... I wonder if there's a giant scooter somewhere.

    There's a giant Harley (or part of one) in Vegas.