Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Drive, Continued

It's my last morning in Maryland (work trip), so I wanted to share the other pics I captured of ScooterBob and me on Skyline Drive.

It IS a lovely road, but The Blue Ridge Parkway, located just south of Skyline Drive, is even better. Will we make it there before SB heads off to visit his next host? 

The obligatory photo of ScooterBob at the park's sign.

If you aren't familiar with Skyline Drive (SD), read this.

We got very lucky with the weather on that day. It's been cold and rainy ever since.

Heading east on US-211


Mary's Rock Tunnel, the only tunnel on the Drive.

It was a fun day for ScooterBob and me.
Who will ScooterBob visit next? Matt T. is next on the list, but I haven't heard from him. Matt, if you are reading this and want ScooterBob next, let me know. Otherwise, who else is ready?

I'll be sad to see the little guy go. 



  1. Thanks for visiting our little slice of heaven ScooterBob...

  2. It was cold and wet the last time I was there.....but none of that is what I remember. Beautiful travels! Thanks Kathy.

  3. Thanks so much, Kathy. You are a wonderful host. Beautiful pics!

  4. Really nice photos of the area. Wheelies off the top box!?

  5. Great pictures Kathy! I wonder where the little scooter will go next....

  6. Thanks, all. Wait till you see what happened next. 😄

  7. Awesome vistas! Great tour for SB! He could come to Southern Ohio, but since I am scooters at the moment he'd have to tour in my car. I did cancel out on hosting him though, but he is still welcome!

  8. "Scooterless" is what I meant.

  9. A lot less foggy than when I rode this drive back in December of last year! Great pics!

  10. Personally I know Deb has had a hard time of it lately due to circumstances out of her control.

    I think Bob would like to visit and give Deb and her partner a smile or three. I think that's the whole purpose of his journey.

    1. Rob, truer words were never spoken.

      Deb, let me know, you'll be back on the itinirary in a heartbeat.