Thursday, May 19, 2016

That Other Famous Virginia Road

ScooterBob and Me
ScooterBob will be heading north soon, so I figured I'd better publish this post about our latest adventure before he leaves.

We're still experiencing pretty crappy weather in these parts. This past Saturday was nice until afternoon storms rolled through, but I had to drive to Baltimore for my girlfriend's 50th birthday party.

Lucky for us, Sunday was a clear, dry day. It was a tad on the chilly side, but that just means I got to use my heated gear. Yes, it was awesome, thank you very much.

I've shown ScooterBob around town, taken him to see some oddities, rode with him on Skyline Drive, and, topping it all off, we met -- and were licked by! -- some really friendly cattle.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks here in Virginia. But there was one place I REALLY wanted to take ScooterBob while he was still here. To experience a road that's even more famous and more awesome than Skyline Drive.

ScooterBob on the BRP!

Me and ScooterBob on the BRP!
I would have felt like a terrible host had we not made it to the BRP. I mean, really. It's one of the Top 10 motorcycle roads, and for good reason.

As a bonus, we saw some more roadside coolness en route.

LOVEwork in Crozet, Virginia.
How could I resist THAT? If you aren't familiar with my LOVE mission, click here.

Crozet is slightly north and west of Charlottesville, an hour and a half or so from my home. To get there, we took some of my favorite roads, too. Like Dyke Road (VA-810), which runs from just west of Stanardsville south through Dyke and into Crozet. That road pretty much parallels Skyline Drive, but in the valley, and it is VERY picturesque.

The LOVEwork was just off of VA-810 at the Montfair Resort Farm. If I am being honest, I have to admit that we had to backtrack a bit because we missed it!

Dyke Road

ScooterBob enjoying the lovely scenery.

It was 50 degrees exactly and very windy at that overlook, which means it was cold!


I really like this image.

A pretty spot, eh?

Enjoying the scenery.
We didn't linger as long as I would've liked. It really was quite chilly in those gusty winds.

Besides, we had to actually do a bit more riding on that famous road. And there was one more spot I'd been wanting to see. And since we were in the neighborhood...

The Old Rockfish Post Office
It's just one of those spots I saw in a picture and wanted to see for myself.

The Old Rockfish Post Office
It was a lovely day. In all, I think we covered around 200 miles. We got some bling for ScooterBob on the BRP, too. :-)

ScooterBob at the Iconic Blue Ridge Parkway
I think our pal, Bob, would've really, really enjoyed the ride that day.

I'll miss showing the little guy around, but we've had quite a bit of fun..


  1. Nice! I think Bob had a very good ride! I am sure he had a moovelous time!

  2. Kathy you were a magnanimous host, and covered more geography than any other previous guide I believe. That was setting tbe bar incredibly high.

    1. David, we did cover some ground, didn't we? 😄

  3. Great job getting to ride on the BRP. Fabulous job hosting ScooterBob!

  4. Now we are all even more jealous of ScooterBob's adventures, Kathy ;-) One fine day I want to do the BRP, too.

  5. Nice photos! One of these days I'll get that far east...

  6. Richard, it's closer than you think. The next time you visit VA, if you rent a bike, I'd be happy to show you around. 😎