Friday, February 3, 2012

29/29: Three

I re-entered the riding world around 2003 having been absent from 2 wheeled vehicles for many years. I didn't know anyone else who rode but eventually I started to see scooterists, mainly on Classic Vespas, riding around town and I started to join them on group rides. It's funny how it works. You don't notice scooters until you buy one. Of course I had a reliable Japanese model and I thought I could imbed myself deeper into the scooter scene so I purchased a Vintage Lambretta SIL GP200. It was a manual shift 4 speed, 2-stroke. It had already been refurbished by a company that specialized in rebuilding scooters and shipped to Canada. Even though I really wanted a Vespa P200, most were in sad condition and you had to be a mechanic to keep it running. I never knew anything about scooter rallies but then I found out about one of the longest running scooter rallies in North America which is held in Victoria, BC on the Victoria Day long weekend, every year. ( info HERE )

In May, 2006 I rode my NEW Lambretta GP200 SIL to Victoria for the weekend


I thought it was great to belong to a group and I think there were over 150 scooters there all belching out 2-stroke smoke, and sounded like a gaggle of Wasps due to their loud exhausts. There is nothing like riding a manual shifting scooter. The clutch is on the left lever, front brake on the right lever and the rear brake is a foot pedal. Changing gears is by rotating the left handgrip.


My Lambretta was very happy to pose on the causeway opposite the Empress Hotel. The show & shine is usually held on Saturday, around noonish "scooter-time" . There is always lots to do at a rally. Long ride, scenic ride, lunch, dinner, club scene or just hanging out at the motel chatting and schmoozing with others


Over the years I have met many people and I always look forward to going to Victoria to meet up again. There is a very active group in Victoria and they meet up every Sunday for coffee. ( info HERE ) You may have to log into your Yahoo account to visit their webpages

We managed to take a group photo on the scenic drive which continues along Dallas Road . I am sure Dar will know where this is

Left-Right: Andrew (Vespa GTS0, Carol (Vino 125), Myself, and John (V-strom DL1000)

Andrew and Carol both live in Victoria. John was my riding buddy that weekend who was riding his Aprilia SR50F, the orange one in the background


  1. It seems like a scooter is a nice way to get around the town. I see a few in Salem from time to time, not so many in my little town. Sometimes I think one would be a better fit for my puttering around the back roads snapping photos and stopping to explore, than my bike. (Shhhh, don't tell Sam!)

  2. Very cool Bob. Nice to see some more pics of you.

    Being in a college town we see a lot of scooters. It seems to be a good way for the international students to get around without having just a regular pedal bike.

  3. What a nice Lammy! Looks like a keeper, too bad you don't have it anymore. I certainly love the scootering around in town as much as I like the 'epic' journeys. You always run into a great bunch of people, no matter what two-wheeler your on.