Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo #2: of 29in29

There was an interesting discussion going on in the comments section of David Masse's blog

Quote by David Masse:

" . . . I think you are right. Blogs are not so much about things, or hobbies, or the subject that prompted the blogger to take up the blog. The very best blogs are about people living their lives and letting us peak in. This is what the bravest bloggers do. Each of you who have commented on this post have shared your ups, and your downs, for all to see. It really is inspiring. As I said in another context, we are all better off for that risk-taking "

When I started Blogging I was very secretive about "things". Over the years I have found other bloggers with similar interests, not all necessarily about riding. Many are also into photography so you may have noticed that I have let my guard down and let you inside of my life, sort of boring really. I have taken you on vacation with me and I have often opened up my thoughts. This blog was never intended to be purely motorcycling. I have never deviated from my original Mission Statement, and I always carry a camera by my side.

It is not an easy task to take a photo of yourself while riding. At the time I didn't realize that this existed. I was too busy trying not to fall off as I slowly maneuvered myself out of the Bike Night BBQ. I think this was taken around late summer 2008 as I was riding my Suzuki SV650nK3, which I traded in for my current Suzuki V-strom DL650aK9

(courtesy: photo by: CHIA/Darren)


  1. Great picture. It is nice to see you on the SV.

    And we love peeking into your life Bob. You do so many interesting things.

  2. I agree with your comments Bob, When I started blogging I hid behind the name etc, but the blog is about who I am, and what is important to me, over time I have just let it be just that.
    and to be honest I enjoy sharing it.

  3. >>I was very secretive about "things"<<

    In many regards, I still feel this way. There is so much i DON'T talk about because I feel shy or boring or.. gosh any number of reasons.

    I do agree, though. The people who do open themselves up most are the ones that draw me in and I admire them for it.

    You know, Bob- if you keep this up - you might have 29 pics!

    Thanks for giving it a shot :)

  4. Nice shot of you on the SV650. I was asked to start my blog by someone at the university to promote exercise. It was hosted on a university server and it was pretty lame. I then moved it to Blogger as their exercise program grew and I needed a way to post maps and pictures. When the program ended, I just sort of kept on going. I never used a pseudonym as my last name is my domain name so why bother trying to hide.

    I mentioned elsewhere, but you should read Jeff Jarvis' book Public Parts where he speaks of why you should live your life in public.

  5. There are a variety of reasons to blog I suppose. I wish I could say for the enormous cash flow.

    My blog started not long after I got my MFA in art. In art school there was a big push to expose yourself. Sometimes literally. But certainly about ideas and thoughts. And the art making process often puts you out there. So my boundaries in terms of secrets and private were already pushed pretty far when I arrived at Scooter in the Sticks. Some people have asked if I'm nervous putting out personal information and I tell them I never post anything I would say to a complete stranger. They're just surprised what I would say to a stranger...

    For me blogging is about thinking, a way to keep me engaged and not be so damn lazy. The riding was a really cool side effect.

    And that picture of you on the motorcycle is great by the way!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  6. There are certainly things I wouldn't like to share with the public. Somehow, if open up just enough a little help might come from places you never imagined.

    You look darn good on the SV. Even more so I can picture you so much better on the Striple now.

  7. Trobairitz:

    thank you. I liked the SV, sort of like your Gladius. lots of power. I suppose I'm getting more comfortable letting more slip out


    I was more worried about security but I have found that we are more like friends that just haven't had a chance to meet yet, but one day . . .


    It's not a question of finding 29 photos, but I have lots of video on "standby" to finish up my Hawai'i vacation. I spend a lot of time editing and rendering my videos. It took me 5 hours to do my latest one. When I link them I like them to sit there for a few days to get some audience. If there is a post a day then they get buried and many readers don't always read previous posts, thus my efforts will be wasted. So now I have to wait until February is over


    I have nothing to hide, I have done nothing wrong, I was just worried that too much personal info be let out. Sometimes I wished that I just kept the SV650n as a 'spare' bike


    I think subconsciously I do what you do. Just pretend you are talking to a stranger . You have a way with words. I remember lurking on your site even before I even attempted my own Blog. You were before your time and your sentences are pure poetry. You do a lot of deep thinking as you ride, when I ride my mind goes blank


    I did like the SV650n except for the cramped leg position. You have to stop every couple of hours to straighten out. There was a very good deal on a pre-owned Triumph Daytona 675 at the show, I was very tempted

  8. That's so true on the blogging thing. One thing I've noticed with the more candid posts is they seem to generate the more meaningful responses.

    I like the photo. I know you're attgatt and all, but looking good with the jeans and leather jacket! :) I love the little SVs.

    What's this I hear about a Striple?

  9. BlueKat:

    that is a Leather riding jacket with full armour, plus I always wear my riding boots. During hot weather, around town, I sometimes ditch the riding pants, but notice the gloves. My trusty sandals are in the Cortech saddlebags (I knew you were going to ask)

  10. Hi Bob,
    Not giving you a hard time on the jeans. :) I wear jeans in the summer time. I've been known to wear hiking shoes too. Oddly, I don't like to ride without gloves.

    There, now you have it...all my wicked, squiddy ways!