Sunday, February 5, 2012

29in29: Five, First ride of the new year

It is rare when I don't have a bike insured during the Winter. My insurance expired a couple of months before Christmas and the weather was horrible, so I stalled. Then it rained & rained & rained & rained. Then the frost & ice came, it was dark and I just didn't feel like riding. We booked a short vacation for January and in the few weeks before we planned to leave, I usually stop riding just in case something happens. It would really make me mad to be in the hospital instead of a warm place. It is more prudent to take the car and play safe. My intention was to renew my insurance after our vacation, and today was the day


I am now insured to February, 2013 which includes half of next winter. I decide to head south wondering where to ride and then I impulsively went to visit my mechanic and what do I see . . .


he came over to me like he knew me and maybe he did. Everyone looks the same in a helmet. They were a small group of 4 riders heading somewhere for a Dim-Sum lunch. I wasn't sure what it was so I walked over and he told me that it was a Cafe Racer, using a Honda 750 donor bike. I really liked the paint colours and the solo seat. Must have been because Yellow is my favourite colour.


It really was a stunning bike and I liked it a lot. I have a Columbia Hi-Viz Flourescent Orange riding jacket which I don't wear much even though I purchased it nearly 3 years ago. So here is a rare photo of me modeling it


It was a great day for a first ride to nowhere special


  1. Bob, any excuse for a ride is a good excuse. Unfortunately your post also reminded me how much longer we'll have to wait for the first ride here - another 6 weeks at the very least. :(

  2. Yay! I'm happy you went ahead and opted to insure. The skies looked nice and clear.

  3. Hooray for your first ride of the year. That Honda bike looks pretty cool. I didn't know yellow was your favorite color.

    Pretty nice high vis jacket. You need to wear it more often.

  4. It was a great day for an outing after those long dreary days of rain.
    That cafe racer is a gem. I would want one of those if I could.

  5. Canajun:

    I saw a few bikes out yesterday. Also the forum has a ride for Sunday up to Squamish for a buffet lunch. Our riding season if nearly started for the year.

    Steel CupCake:

    When the skies are clear, we pay for it later with freezing temps at night. The fog rolled in before I got home which deposits moisture to the cold roads, making for more frost.


    When you buy used, you have no choice of colours. Notice that the Yamaha BWS I bought new was YELLOW. My V-strom is Black because I got a good deal on the last one that was in stock, which happened to be black. Black was not my preferred colour but I have gotten used to it.

    When I purchased the Columbia jacket it was on sale for $100. off. The Hi-Viz Green, which was the one I wanted was at regular price, so I would have paid $112. more for a different colour. Most jackets have the rain liner under the jacket, which means that your jacket gets waterlogged but the liner keeps you dry. The Columbia has NO liner (water barrier) but is waterproof because it has the membrane embossed within the jacket layer so it seems less bulky in the rainy season, but it does come with a jip out vest for warmth. I do not wear this jacket during the summer, so you may not see it.


    the owner of that Cafe Racer came right over to me before I even turned off my engine, and talked to me like I was his best friend, so perhaps I did know him for previous gatherings. I love yellow so it was a magnet for me to walk over to see it. It is better looking in person than in the photos. It is stunning and put together very nicely. I think I would have bought it if I saw it first. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of YOU. It was recently purchased by him off Craiglist from a seller from Squamish who built the bike using a Honda 750

  6. At least you got our Bob, that is the main thing. It seems like some parts of your country have had mild weather , others extreme....

  7. Great pics. Glad you could get out. The Honda racer is very cool, but I like the shot of you modeling your jacket better. :-)

  8. Good post Bob, looks like a good for you. As to the color yellow, Stroms look particularly good in yellow but I like black best.Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner


  9. You West-Coasters. Why is it that dawn arrives here first but spring arrives there first. I am jealous but happy 2012 riding season, just be careful after sunset. By the way, yellow is what I call a happy colour, but orange is a great colour for a riding jacket.

  10. Okay Bob - not sure about this G.Chrome, looks like the same comment posted itself multiple times - what the heck?

  11. Glad you're back in the saddle. Nice looking bike.

    Like you I appreciate a good deal. Most of my gear was chosen for cost first and color second.

    Be safe and I think orange is your color :-)

  12. Good timing on the insurance, with the return of nice weather.
    Many great rides are to nowhere special! :)
    The cafe racer is awesome!

  13. Bob

    Great to hear your bike is insured! I love your coat! It looks great! I was hoping for hi vis when I bought my coat, but they didnt have any & I would have had to wait 6 to 8 weeks and even then they weren't sure if they could. Glad you got out in the lovely sunshine!

  14. Hi Bob, my name is Lok and that was me on the CB750K3 Cafe Racer. I'm one of the guy from the Ruckus group. We met in the last few scooter rally, bike events etc...

    I bought that cafe racer from a guy in Whistler last year, it used to be a stock bike and he turned it into a super cool cafe racer. super cool bike, I love it.

    I'll see you again soon :)

  15. Roger:

    we have to grab the nice days as them come along. We are getting frost & ice fog again tonight, so no riding. So far our weather hasn't been as bad as in the East


    thank you, but in the sunshine this jacket is hard on the eyes. I wore it on the BC Ferries and everyone thought I was a ferry employee, who wear orange safety wear


    I don't think Stroms would look good in Yellow, but I would take a white one

    VS Lady:

    I think that's completely fair. Of course we should get Spring first. We like it that way

  16. Keith:

    I buy a lot of stuff based upon price, depends what it is and how much you use it, but quality comes first. Cheap and no well made doesn't work


    If I were more mechanical, like RON, I would like to have a Cafe Racer. Something for running around town


    There are some great sales right now. As much as 70% off, I can keep a look-out for you, just need to know your petite size !


    I couldn't be sure as you had your helmet on. Everyone loves your Cafe Racer. I like the colour scheme, and I like yellow . . . you'll have to show it off again