Thursday, February 16, 2012

29in29: 6Teen

Lahaina, Maui: Harley Davidson

If you go to Hawai'i and miss your motorcycle, NO problem-o . You can rent a Harley Davidson from Maui Harley with two locations. Their main location is downtown in Kahului, or you could visit their Lahaina location 16 miles away on Front Street


You can visit their website --> HERE <--

All night long as we were sitting on our lanai at our historic hotel in Lahaina, we could hear the distinctive sounds of Harley exhausts moving up and down Front Street. I didn't know it at the time but I was thinking that there was an HD rental place just a couple of blocks from our hotel so I made a mental note to walk down there to check it out.


It was just a small outlet selling mostly Harley Davidson branded clothes with a fleet of rental bikes outside. I walked inside with the intention of buying a tank top as a souvenier but not at those HD inflated prices. I have never ridden an HD and while Mrs Skoot asked if I wanted to rent one, I declined. I would feel more comfortable on a Vstrom or other standard bike.


  1. My guess is the tank tops and gear were not only charging a Harley premium but also a Hawaiian premium. I think their gear prices vary by location.

  2. I would rather pass on a crotch rocket but a Harley when on Hawaii... works for me.

  3. shouldve tried one bob...a bike that is... we only live once.

  4. and ps, how in the heck do i turn out the blasted word veri now? argh blogger...

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  6. oh its on old blogger interface. not the new one? lol... thanks bob, your the best!

    xo to you and mrs skoot!

  7. Ahhh motorcycling in Hawaii that is a dream to savor on an icky wet winter afternoon. I wonder how much it is to rent a bike for a few hours? I bet the insurance is pretty high.

  8. Hi Bobskoot
    It was on the seat of a Sporty where I first got the idea of learning to ride, but I guess that's as close as I came to riding a HD...thus far. :)

    I've been having trouble with comments, so I'm not sure if this will post or not. Also I got a email note that you posted over at my place, but apparently it didn't come through. I just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring you, I just seem to have blogger-gremlins tonight!

  9. Trobairitz:

    I have a collection of "event" shirts many of which I have never worn, but can't bear to throw out, so I am now more selective & price sensitive


    I would want a "standard" position bike, not a sport bike. I think a scooter would be more appropriate for Hawai'i, not a 49cc but something around 250cc, there are not enough roads . . .

    Ms M:

    I have never ridden a bike as heavy as a Harley. I don't know how you do it, and manage to push it around. Can't wait to see you at IMBC2012, or we'll have to come to SF and drag you out of your office.


    I didn't check the rates, but I would imagine around $100. per day. Didn't make sense for me to rent a bike, and have Mrs Skoot in the rental car follow behind, perhaps a convertible would give the same sensation


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