Saturday, February 25, 2012

29in29: Twenty5

Troubadour recently posted some ancient photos of his Barracuda so it got me to thinking about scanning some photos from my archives. I don't have a very good filing system and my archives are just photo envelopes put into boxes and stuffed everywhere. I have photos buried somewhere of many trips we have taken to places where people don't normally go, and one day I may bore you with them

Because photography was my hobby I often carried professional equipment, mostly medium format in the film days. I used to carry my Mamiya 7 kit everywhere. I was one of the last ones to embrace digital as I always wanted the best image possible and I never thought that digital was good enough, so I would carry both digital and film and used the appropriate one for the situation


We started our vacation in St John's


Here is a view of Battery Road from the other side of the harbour. We spent some time walking around and marvelled at the way the homes were built on that rock. We spent most of our time driving around to the different peninsulas and travelled through towns with unique names. Here we are entering, Heart's Content, notice that you have to turn left to get to Dildo


Most people underestimate the size of Newfoundland. We were there for a couple of weeks and we drove around 2,500 kilometers and only scratched the surface. The ferry from Nova Scotia is an overnight trip which lands at Port aux Basques, and then you still have a 1,000. km road trip to get to St John's. If you decide to go north from there you have to drive another 1,000 kms before you arrive at the old Viking village at L'anse aux Meadows


We decided to stay on the East side of "THE ROCK" and our best memories are north where we travelled to Fogo Island. Fogo is home of FOGO Rock which was considered one of the 4 pillars of the Flat Earth Society. Remember that everyone thought that the world was originally Flat and it had to be held up on 4 corners, and then if you travelled too far, you may fall off. Also Fogo is home to the first Marconi telegraph station which transmitted the first wireless message to England. We have lots of stories to tell from this trip . . .


  1. I am glad you are telling stories from this trip. I have heard some in person but can never get enough.

    One day we'll travel to the Eastern seaboard - it's on the bucket list. I've never been East of Montreal.

  2. Bob, I love the East Coast of Canada but like Trobairitz, I've never been to the Rock. Maybe one day. A friend and fellow rider Ron loved it. The two of you must have been standing in nearly the same spot. You've got to check out his paintings from his show, "Scenes from the Rock."

  3. Newfoundland looks like a really pretty area to visit. I don't know much about the area. I love the houses perched on the side of the rock. It would be fun to explore!

  4. Trobairitz:

    I love Newfoundland (aka: THE ROCK), and I love the northern part where we went to Fogo Island. We also went to those two French Islands off the southern coast, St Pierre/Miquelon. We even had to go through French Customs

    VS Lady:

    Ron looks like a great artist. I would like to go back to NL, but we have yet to go to NS, PEI & NB. Things keep getting in the way, you know how it is . . .


    being a photographer, you would love it. Lots to see. your camera will get worn out clicking away. The locals are very friendly and we met a few along the way. We did spend a few hours poking around

  5. I have always wanted to go out to the Eastern end of our country. I think one day I would like to ride across Canada and end up there. There is such a raw beauty that is so picturesque.

  6. Dar:

    all the time I was in NL I was thinking how great it would be to have a M/C, as traffic is sparse and the little towns are picturesque. The people are so friendly. they also have their own language and talk funny, sorto of a gaelic type accent