Sunday, February 26, 2012

29in29: Twenty6

We were in the middle of a wind storm with gusts up to 90 KM/hr so I headed down to English Bay


As I was walking on the beach it felt as if I were in the middle of a sandstorm as sand was getting everywhere, onto my camera and into my eyes. It was a good thing I decided not to ride my bike, otherwise I may have been blown flat on my side.

Recently I had been looking at photos from Door County posted by Martha near Sturgeon/Green Bay of shoreline ice. We don't have shoreline ice around here. It is not cold enough, nor does the water stay still for long


With the wind comes rough wave action, as you can see. The wind comes from the ocean and causes all kinds of problems with our ferry system, and also power outages due to downed power lines


It was really quite chilly today, around 7°c, as I had to wear my toque and zip up my jacket. The wind was just howling. English Bay, being more or less protected by the open ocean is usually calm, but today it looks angry


Even though I had headware on, my ears were getting cold so while I like to watch the waves, I didn't sit very long and shortly headed back to the warmth of my car. There weren't that many people out today and even though we all have them, it was almost like they hadn't seen feet before as I caught a few people staring at me


Just before I left, I saw a solitary cyclist sitting there enjoying the scene


Perhaps you can feel the wind in this short video:


  1. Your photos and video bring back a lot of memories from my life in Oregon. It was rare to visit the ocean when it wasn't roaring, as I recall. Thanks for the mini-trip.

  2. Great photos Bobskoot. Did the wind blow your shoes away? Those Crocs are light and could disappear in a stiff breeze.

    I always chuckle when I see your pics with no shoes in cold weather. Makes me chilly just thinking about it.

  3. The sea looks very turbulent and exciting. Love the wave action in the first.

    The sound of the wind in your video sounds like the wind around my helmet sometimes. :)

    You know, now that I think about it, my brother used to go barefoot all the time, in any kind of weather. He had tough feet. He could walk or run over about any surface without shoes. I was never tough enough to run on rocks

    Oh and a PNW hazard of barefooting ... stepping on slugs! Ask me how I know :)

  4. Bob

    You must have had toe-sickles when you got back into the car. I saw these cool shoes that have individual toes & think you might like those babies. I need to find a link.

  5. I personally find the ocean mesmerizing when it is rough, some thing about its power I find impressive. Good to see you out and about. AS I said to Sonja it is hard work keeping up with blogs every dau.

  6. Powerful pictures, Bob. I love it when the sea is rough, must be my seafarer heritage.
    Kudos to you going barefoot, reminds me of the Kneipp Therapy, where people walk in cold water for healing purposes.

  7. Martha:

    The waves down in Oregon are always crashing into the shore. Up here it is calm as we are in protected waters. It is not often we get angry waves such as these


    It was really windy, I didn't believe how strong it was down at the beach. The ground didn't really feel that cold. I think my ears got a chill from the wind. I also don't mind walking in the rain


    you can see all the sand being churned by the waves. Very unusual for us, caused by the wind. Walking barefoot is better for your posture and makes you exercise muscles that shoes don't. It is better to have shoes with Zero Lift (ie: no heal)

    I know what you mean about Slugs. I have learned not to walk in the dark . . . don't ask me how I know


    those would be Vibram Five Fingers. I have already ordered a pair of "Unshoes"

    these look like sandals, but with a barefoot feel. I did go for a walk in the snow a couple of weeks ago, but feet have no tread and I was slipping everywhere


    there was no requirement to keep things 100% moto, which would have been more difficult. I have always had a mixture of topics


    I have been doing a lot of reading into the natural way of walking, and I think you can be more healthy walking the way Nature had intended. Your toes are not allowed to "splay" when walking, and they are confined in shoes which promote bacteria. No such problems when you wear sandals and sweat is allowed to evaporate. Free Range toes do not smell

  8. We had lots of crazy wind this weekend, too. Unlike you, I didn't feel like braving the gusts for photo ops.

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    It's funny to see the grass that green next to the ocean in February. Here in New Jersey, the grass is that tired greenish-brown, but hasn't turned completely to straw this season. It's funnier to see you walking around in your bare feet, claiming your ears were cold.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  10. Bob - I somehow knew you would find the 'unshoes' they will look perfect!

  11. ToadMama/Kathy:

    when the wind was blowing I knew I had to come down here to see the wave action. It doesn't happen that often and I didn't want to miss it


    I can't wait for you to get a regular phone. I miss our chats. Also need to know your timing for your cross country ride to Eureka, CA


    I can't wait until they arrive. Probably another month. They have to be custom made