Tuesday, February 21, 2012

29in29: 20-one

New Training Manager, Team Oregon

Congratulations to IronDAD/Dan for accepting his new position with Team Oregon


I was honoured to physically meet him down in Bend, Oregon when we had our last Blogger's Convention IMBC2010. We had an enjoyable evening together huddled in his room. While we were all sitting on his bed and chesterfield, he took the position


at the head of the class. He was just getting started into photography and I caught him snapping a few photos of the bikes


I was honoured to sit beside him at dinner and I hope to be able to do this again soon. I wonder if he will be able to get a weekend off, once in a while

Dan (IronDAD), Ron & Kari(blueKat)

Again, Congratulations to Dan. Team Oregon picked the right man for the job. Now he will be able to ride every waking moment


  1. A great post regarding a great man.

    He is humble though, you might even make him blush with this post.

  2. I love seeing pics of my new pals. Thanks for sharing!

  3. +1 on the congratulations. A good man for the job at hand.

  4. It would be an honor to meet someone who is such a respected motorcycle instructor and fellow blogger.

  5. Can't think of a better person for the job.

    Good times! That was a fun weekend.