Wednesday, February 15, 2012

29in29: 5thTeen

It is not always possible to commute to work on my bike. Yes, I listen carefully to the weather forecasts, I look outside while I am having my bowl of cereal looking for tell-tale signs of the white stuff


I scan the windshields of the cars parked on the street and if the temps are under 5°c I usually pass. Part of my commute takes me through the hills of Burnaby/New Westminster border. Many times when the roads are clear at home, I find that on these higher elevations I often encouter frost, so I take no chances. At 5°c our office parking lot can still be a sheet of ice.


Sometimes the conditions are just right. No ice, no frost but I have a lunch meeting, such was the situation today where I really wanted to ride to work but it is such a nuisance to carry ATGATT and bring it into the restaurant and then to our conference room upstairs in the Hotel. I still find it hard to walk in my riding boots, since I hurt my foot last Spring.


Other times I need to buy something large and I need the capacity of my trunk. I thought about just using bungee cords and strap it to my seat, but you don't want a new Goose-Down filled Duvet getting wet when they were forecasting rain. Try as I might, riding this week wasn't in the cards

I often get premonitions, call it gut-feel, dead reckoning and when things don't feel right I leave my bike at home .


I don't tempt fate but tonight it is going down to freezing again with frost expected by morning. Forecasters have been wrong before, we'll see . . .


  1. Cool ice/frost pictures.

    I agree with you on going with the gut. If riding just doesn't feel right for some reason, best to be prudent and leave the bike at home.

  2. I would rather ere on the side of caution that careening on my butt over the pavement. I did ride this morning eventhough we had a heavy frost, but I take it really easy. I think being a rider listening to your gut is more important than what any weather forecaster can tell you.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Looks like I'll be in Vancouver the week of May 21st and will be able to squeeze in a weekend (either 18-19, or 25-26).

    Orin mentioned that the Victoria rally is on the 18-19 weekend in May. I'm planning to rent a scoot for the get together. I doubt that I will be able to rent more than a 50cc. Much as I would love to scoot over to Victoria to catch some part of the rally, I doubt whether a 50cc would make that trip safely. If that's the case, and assuming that Dar may intend to do the rally and won't want to come to Vancouver, it may be that the weekend of May 25-26 makes more sense. Stuff to ponder. Love the photos. Mid-month is looming and the "29in29" challenge is pushing people's creativity. Very nice.

  4. Here across the city we still get lots of frost with the fog, and scooter commute is risky. I am not willing to take that risk, and will rather take the car. Going with your gut is often the best call.

  5. Beautiful photos. I love these intimate kind of scenes.

    I so wanted to ride today, but it was hovering around freezing, foggy and wet, so I took the car. The afternoon was of course, beautiful.

  6. I love love love your frost shots. Especially the grass.

  7. These are beautiful pictures, I love it when frost covers the yard. Thanks for posting. it's rare for this to happen in NJ but one day we woke up and my walking on my grass was like walking on glass needles, the sound was amazing.