Monday, February 20, 2012

29in29: Twenty

Today was Sunday, my non riding day to spend with Mrs Skoot. I had to be on my best behaviour so I left my shoes on


unlike my companion with the silver feet, I was a bit envious . We didn't do anything special on Amourous day (Valentine's) so instead of conjuring up something at home we went out for brunch. We decided to try something different so we headed into the heart of Yuppieville and found a very nice French Restaurant/Cafe in Kitsilano


There were numerous eateries in the area but we chose the one with the longest line-up. We waited nearly an hour to get our window table. I am a very impatient sort so instead of waiting for a table I left Mrs Skoot to hold down the fort while I walked about the neighbourhood snapping photos, and looking into the windows of the stores up and down 4th Avenue. I was getting a bit bored, and my stomach was starting to feel the hunger pangs so I took a self portrait


Food seems to taste better when you have to wait for it. Soon enough our food arrived. The presentation is a bit different than what I am used to. The eggs sat atop a liquid broth, with salad/bagette and a small bowl of delicious small nugget potatoes


that were roasted, carmelized and tasted delicious.


Doesn't that make you hungry ? Our waitress said that this location has only been opened for 10 months. Their original location in West Vancouver is just celebrating their 10 year anniversary . We got to meet the Owner, and here is a photo of

their Chef

It was too early to go home, so we headed down to English Bay and snap a photo of the Inukshuk


Although the rain had stopped, there was a chill in the air and we had to bundle up. During the Summer the beach is a very busy place


today we had it nearly all to ourselves.


  1. Bob, I absolutely LOVE the self portrait in the window. The composition and your expression are just perfect. You could be a food blogger, what with the quality of your foodie pics and great descriptions. Keep up the good work!

  2. You have to admit Yuppies do make good restaurants. Otherwise it's hash and donuts.

  3. What a great day. That food porn looks tasty.

    It is nice that you and Mrs. Skoot had the beach pretty much to yourselves.

    Always nice to see the self portraits too.

  4. Looks like tasty slow food. I am going to give that restaurant a try next time I am downtown.

  5. Bob

    The self portrait is awesome! Loved the silver feet too, glad you didn't pull off your shoes and get muddy toes.

  6. ToadMama/Kathy:

    Thank you, sometimes you are at the mercy of "reflections". The food presentations were different than I am used to, in a good way


    Vancouver does have very nice restaurants. It's my job to try as many as I can, and snap photos along the way


    It was very cool with a chilling breeze, we had to wear toques, but we removed them for the photos, and immediately put them back on. We tried to make it appear that it was warmer than it was.

    When I saw that beach, I was tempted to remove my shoes and walk along the shore . . . I love walking in the sand


    we originally tried to get a table at Jethros on Dunbar. It was recently featured on Diners, Dives & Drive-ins but the line seemed very long with people waiting outside, so we left only to have to wait an hour at this french bistro. Jethros, opens at 8am, perhaps next time we will get there earlier


    I love muddy toes and squishy mud . . .

  7. Nice scenes from the city, Bob. I would enjoy the beach much more when it's quiet like in your pics.

  8. Bluekat:

    save your pennies, we may go to Kaua'i in January 2012. You can find many deserted beaches where you can frolick around "sans" anything and be alone with nature

    Ms M:

    You should ride BOB up here and we could go restaurant hopping

  9. Bluekat:

    correction: I mean Kaua'i in January 2014, two years from now

  10. Wow, really dressing up for Mrs. AND pants. Hehehe