Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29in29: Eight

Before Dawn:

Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC

It's about half an hour before sunrise and the light of the sun is approaching the dawn hour


  1. Very cool. Love the blue hues.

    Hey that rhymes.........

  2. Trobairitz:

    it felt a little eerie with all that blue. They sky was blue and it reflected into all those tinted windows.

  3. What the heck are you doing up so early? Before dawn, really - do you folks on the west coast know how to sleep. Really, you all are tiring me out. But, if I was going to post a photo a day (with the bike in storage) I might post my granddaughter, the 2 year old techno tot, who loves surfing Youtube for Elmo on Nanny's 'Pye' Pod.

  4. So blue. I haven't seen strong colors like these on my commute yet. My view is usually grey & foggy when I leave home.

  5. lovely! i dig such fantastic architecture and the way the light reflects...

  6. VS lady:

    I had a 7:30am appointment. I wanted to find a free spot downtown so I left at 6:45am and was parked by 7am so I was walking around looking for photos ... when I spotted that surreal scene. It was soo blue, I think because the sun was not quite up and was reflecting on the blue sky layer.


    I think the tinted windows of those buildings helped with the blue tint. I didn't believe what I was seeing, so I snapped a photo

    Ms M:

    thank you very much. It is not often I get to go downtown before sunrise


    I was walking around killing time waiting for 7:30a and when I looked up I noticed all that BLUE. Only moments before it looked ordinary, it only lasted for a few moments

  7. BlueKat:

    I took a series of photos at the same time. I have another one which seems unreal but I only wanted to post one photo . I have another one which I should show you