Thursday, February 9, 2012

29in29: Nine

It has not always been possible to commute to work due to the frost. All week I do my frost dance. I check the roof across the lane for tell tale signs of the white stuff. Then when I go outside to pick up my paper, I always look at the windshields of the parked cars. If the windshields have to be scraped then I leave the bike at home. I don't take chances, it's just not worth it.

It was dark when I rolled my bike out of our carport.


The sun won't rise for another half an hour this time of year. It rains off and on as I zig zag my way along surface streets and park along Kingway where I take a quick photo. The skies are getting brighter and there are lots of street lights along this stretch near Metrotown in Burnaby


There are a couple of other riders in our Company, but today I am alone. The rains are giving my V-strom a much needed wash


Rain has a way of waking up your senses, forcing you to be more alert, to be smoother in your motions and in it's own way, makes you feel more alive.


It was refreshing to be back on two wheels


  1. Yay, you got a ride in. Not always fun riding in the rain but I know you have good gear.

  2. "The frost dance" I like this. I pretty much do the same checking roofs and car windows, but the area where I live is often stuck with fog, frosty fog that is. You are right, one is far more alert in adverse weather conditions. The last picture is my favourite.

  3. Love the last picture Bob. I've done a lot of rain commutes, it's all about the gear and you are right it does sharpen your senses and makes you have smoother inputs. Be careful riding though.

  4. dancing in the rain takes control. i always look back on days like these especially fondly. love all the pics but the dark AM rollout and showered tank are my favs.

  5. I believe ground temperature is usually higher than the ambient air temperature and push the envelope but roofs and windshields are a good indicator that bridge decks and culverts under the road will be icy.
    I like the wet tank photo, glad you're back on two.

  6. Trobairitz:

    Bah humbug re: good gear. All is well except for the boots. I am still using my old ones, while my brand new Alpinestars* which I purchased last August are still sitting there, brand new with tags yet to be removed. I had to wring my socks out when I got home


    that last shop was an afterthought, I almost didn't take it, but thank you


    Most mornings when I see the white on the roof, I know not to ride. Perhaps if I started work later, but I have to leave by 7am


    I did shoot some video with my new camera, but it didn't come out as good as I wanted. It was sort of like freeway riding with lots of Vancouver traffic and brake lights

    Ms M:

    With YOU, a dance in the rain would be great ! but too bad that it never rains in California . . .


    It was great not to have ice in the morning, which meant I could commute to work. It doesn't make a lot of sense when I already have a cage sitting there insured. When you wrote Wet Tank, my mind mis-read it as Wet T-shirt . . . see, I'm thinking of summer

  7. Love the second image with the city lights, and reflections.
    Don't we all know that 'refreshing' feeling, especially after being away from riding for a while!

    I don't always like the rain, but there are some rain rides where I feel like I have the road to myself, and the world is my own. I like those kinds of rides.

    Ron's commute starts before light, and there are many days he won't ride, but I'm able to as it's a little brighter, and maybe a little warmer by the time I hit the road.

  8. BlueKat:

    I have 3 routes which I can use to go to work and I picked this one because traffic is light, and I can stop for a reflection photo.

    I am glad that Ron and I have the same sense not to ride when the conditions aren't right. It I started work later in the morning I would commute on my bike more, but at 7am there are less options when the frost hasn't melted.