Monday, February 27, 2012

29in29: Twenty7

I still have a few stories to tell regarding our recent vacation to Hawai'i . Before we left home, it was my intention to purchase another Hawai'ian shirt while we were there. We had some T-shirts from our last Kona trip a couple of years ago but we didn't buy any shirts with Hawai'ian patterns. By patterns we don't mean the loud, colourful shirts that regular tourists buy with flashy yellow/red sunsets with palm trees, or those with loud graphics, but rather, subdued ones that the locals wear. If you look at the hotel staff, or servers in restaurants you will know what I mean.

We used to have good friends who lived in Waikiki (Honolulu). Sonny is a true Hawai'ian and he married Sherry who was a resident of Seattle, WA. We used to go to Seattle at least once a month, and stay with her and her mom, at their home near Seward Park. We would usually drive down on Friday night, then back to Vancouver on Sunday. On Saturday night we would go to a different restaurant with every visit. Anyway, they had their wedding in Seattle before moving "back" to Hawai'i to live. Of course this was to be an Hawai'ian wedding so Sherry's mom bought a matching Hawai'ian outfit for myself and Mrs Skoot.


Now, I didn't realize that Mrs Skoot was going to drag that outfit to Hawai'i this year. We had a dinner reservation in Kona for a special occasion and she wanted to make sure that I had a suitable shirt to wear, just in case I couldn't find one to my liking. I haven't worn this shirt since around 1970, over 40 years ago, but I humoured her by putting it on. Back then I weighed a trim 172 lbs without love handles. I wasn't sure it would button . . .


but I did the best I could do, I held my bulging stomach in and held my breath and guess what . . . it fit. She later told me that she was going to wear my old shirt as a top . Does it sound better if I say it was too small for me, rather than I am too large for the shirt ?

Whenever we go anywhere we always try to take a few photos of ourselves in our vacation environment as a remembrance and also with the intention of producing a large print to hang on the wall. As we were setting up our photos on our last day in Paradise it seemed too much of a bother to keep running back and forth to our condo to get my speedo bathing suit. I told Mrs Skoot that my underwear looked like swim attire and no one would notice, so she said, "go ahead". I took off my shorts and snapped . . .



  1. Love the pics. I especially love that you told us you posed in your underwear! :-)

    Really, the photo of the Skoots in matching outfits is very sweet.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Nice thinking of Mrs. Skoot for packing along the matching outfits,.

    I don't think you were too large for the shirt, I think it just shrunk in the closet over the years.

  3. If you wouldn't tell us...we would never have known... away all your secrets. ;)

  4. Nice to see a man who's comfortable in his ... Hawaiian shirt! Which pic are you having blown up for the living room wall?

  5. toadMama/Kathy:

    we also have matching winter jackets, and because we belong to car clubs, we have matching car jackets. I am more comfortable now than before when I started Blogging. you just never know what I come up with. If you go back to last year, I posted a tasteful nude self portrait . . .


    you say the nicest things, thank you. Actually the pattern of that older shirt doesn't really look out of place today

    Steel CupCake:

    See, I'm not afraid of doing "most" anything.

    VS Lady:

    I took some more serious ones. These were playful ones for posting, not for hanging on the wall

  6. i love the blue outfits! ah i miss warm sun and sand...sorry ignore me, im just having some summertime blues... :)