Monday, February 6, 2012

29in29: Six

It was a cool, brisk day so instead of making breakfast at home, we decided to go down to the Granville Island Market


We don't come here that often. I usually come here alone on my bike since parking is at a premium and I have more parking options . . . like using the bike rack. Instead of being served at a restaurant, we came to find something at the food area when I spotted the Perogy Sign (photo above). I love perogies and they are so vegetarian. I have always wanted to learn how to make these delicasies myself with potatoes & cheese, smothered with fried onions, butter or sour cream.


I studied the menu options for a bit and decided to look around to see what else was on offer. Then I noticed this Mexican place and I love enchiladas and mexi-fries (also known as tater tots in the USA)


I like everything so deciding was a chore. I also like butter chicken and the other curry stuff they had, but eventually I settled on the Perogies


There are few tables in the food court so we had to find a bench outside in the cold. Mrs Skoot settled on the butter Chicken so I managed to snag a bit or two, so all was good


As we wolfed down our late lunch while sitting on our bench, we were subjected to this view of False Creek and the Burrard Street bridge in the background


If you turned your head to the right, you would see the Granville Street bridge. It was not super busy but lots of people were down here enjoying their Sunday.


It almost feels like Spring is around the corner


  1. Good call on the perogies. You can't go wrong with them. I finally found a recipe for them, but haven't tried making it yet.

    I think you are correct, Spring is only about 40 days or so away. We are enjoying beautiful sunshine everyday but I'm not sure if it can last. I'm afraid our rains will come back with a bang.

  2. I am lucky, my best friend is from Hungary and a master in perogies. I am loving it.
    It felt so good to have a sunny weekend for a change, spend the daylight in fresh air and fuel up on Vitamin D.

  3. Shhh, all this talk about the sunshine, I'm afraid we might jinx it. Good looking perogies and terrific atmosphere. I just love visiting a market.

  4. Really pretty images of the day. Agreed, it looks like spring. Nice views of the harbor.

  5. Trobairitz:

    I like perogies "boiled" not deep fried as some places make them. Traditional way is fried onions with melted butter, but I don't mind sour cream.

    We can get your kitchen humming. you work on the perogies while I get working on the won-tuns, and maybe eggs benedicts with hollandaise for breakfast.


    The Russian House used to make really good Perogies, but they closed down. Now you only have the Ukrainian Churches who have perogie nights.

    We got some Vitamin D in Hawai'i, hope the effects can last for a few more weeks

    VS Lady:

    We get sunshine for another day, then back to rain and frost in the morning


    I like all the colourful fruits at the market. I also have some other photos but I may need them as fillers if I run out of 29in29 photo ideas. we will end up following you --> ONE photo with a part sentence