Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29in29: Twenty8

Sunday started out bright and sunny. We happened to be near Jericho beach went I noticed the fresh snowfall on the local mountains, looking towards Whistler


Today we were taking our Aunt out for brunch and a drive. The grey, snowclouds were to follow us around all day. There seemed to be pockets of differing weather throughout the area. We experienced some snow flurries, a bit of drizzling rain, and some bright sun as we headed to New Westminster . From our vantage point you will notice 3 bridges spanning the Fraser River


The closest one with the cables is our rapid transit system which can complete the distance from Surrey to Downtown Vancouver in 29 minutes, which is much faster than you can drive in a car. The orange span is the Patullo bridge which is 75 years old. When it was built, it had a life span of 50 years before replacement. It is falling apart with metal pieces falling into the river. They have been talking about replacing this bridge for "years" but due to the economy, there are no funds. Just past the Patullo bridge near water level is the bridge for our trains.

If you turn around and look towards the West you will see part of the Alex Fraser Bridge in the distance. If you travel South, it will take you to the US border, about half an hour away


I hope Martha appreciates my efforts today, as I tried to capture more clouds. She is a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

As we were driving around we were talking about this and that and my Aunt said something that triggered my memory. Not long ago Troubadour/Trobairitz were discussing Kilts. I know Troubadour wears one and he posted a comment suggesting that I also consider one too. Well, my Aunt is from Scotland somewhere near Edinburgh so I don't know if that makes me Scottish enough. She mentioned that she had a clan tartan. I guess you don't wear Kilts in the winter, I mean if you wear them as they are supposed to be worn, there would be lots of cold air circulating . . .


our day ended very near to where we started, at Jericho beach just moments before sunset. I noticed the glow of the magic light and dashed down here to the beach to grab a photo. We made it with mere moments to spare


A couple of minutes earlier, I was happy to snap another self-portrait shadow picture of myself, with longer legs


and then the light was gone


  1. Well done, Bob. Fantastically beautiful clouds.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I like all the one with the bridges. I can't tell from the shadow picture, but did you keep your pants on for this one? ;-)

    Hmmm a kilt you say. I think you could get away with one. They are traditionally made of wool, that should keep all your naughty bits warm from cold circulating air. That and the knee high socks of course.

  3. Nice bridges. What's with all the cloud shots???

  4. Martha:

    clouds are the luck of the draw, what you see is what there is. The dark ones have snow in them


    Great minds think alike, I was thinking the same thing when I snapped the photo, you can't tell, can you ? Circulating air would be a good thing, keeps things fresh


    I am appreciating "Clouds" but they were angry this weekend

  5. Gorgeous pics, as usual. Thanks for the eye candy. I wish I were there!