Tuesday, February 7, 2012

29in29: Seven Today is "D" Day

Dum-da-dum-dum. I always get a queezy stomach when it comes to "D" day, "D" which stands for Dentist. When I think dentist my mind always conjurs up the image of their 3 foot needle. I don't know where they keep it and I always close my eyes when it comes time for me to open my mouth wide. I usually clench the armrest like fingers of steel. But today wasn't the day, it was just a routine cleaning and check-up

My Dentist is the sweetest, most gentle, soft-spoken person you will ever meet and I asked if she would pose for a photo

(Meet Dr Terry)

I was also assigned to the most gentle Dental Hygienist for my cleaning today

(Meet Chelsea)

She is making entries into my dental record and I wasn't sure if she would agree to a photo so I snapped it when she wasn't looking. I also snapped a photo of her "Tools" of the trade

(dental impliments)

They always seem to be upgrading their equipment. I got a chance to try out their new digital X-ray machine which gives nearly instant results on their laptop. It consists of a small digital camera which they place into your mouth


It was a good day until I found out that I have to return early next Monday for a filling. Until then, all I can think about is that gigantic 3 foot needle


  1. Bob

    Today is in reality "D" day - 200th Anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth.


  2. Oooh the dentist......

    Bummer you have a filling, but just think how nice and clean your teeth are instead.

  3. Hey Uncle Bob,

    I can see why you would want to go to the Dentists....I've asked the "Happiness engineer" on Wordpress to try to fix the open ID but no luck so far, hope this works!!


  4. Good it worked, I can continue commenting on your many adventures..


  5. Nikos:

    You are an enclopedia, or should I say "wilkipedia" on two legs. So much information and yet, not able to wash those suds off that model.


    All I can think about is that gigantic 3 foot needle. I get nightmares. It has been years since I needed a filling. It doesn't even hurt. If they had just left the plaque on, it would have been covered

    Uncle Dave:

    welcome back from the land of frozen ice. I think Blogger had changed some things, it wasn't me, but I changed some settings to make commenting easier, and also took away the word verification thingy.

  6. Kudos to you for taking so many pictures at the dentist office!

  7. Nice Molars Bob! I suggest you ask for N2O, makes the needle look a little smaller and somehow a lot more warped.

  8. Bob! You look a little tense :)
    I noticed on my last visit my dentist has gone digital.

  9. Bob

    I too am a dental phobe. I hate the needle and everything to do with someone rootling around in my mouth. Lets face when we were kids a trip to the dentist was usually very unpleasant. I am lucky now though I have found a good dentist, so things can change. Still don't like the needle though.

  10. My what nice crowns you have! I felt like I went to work here! LOL!

    BTW... we keep the 3 ft. needles under the cabinet... behind the chair. That way you can't see how big it really is!


  11. ToadMama/Kathy:

    I was trying to be in stealth mode. It will be more exciting next week when they bring out the 3 ft needle

    VS Lady:

    then only part that hurts is the needle, after that I can relax and rest. The hurt get magnified 1000x


    I am always tense when I go to the dentist, but my dentist is so gentle and has a nice smile too


    well, we have to try and take care of ourselvesl, esp when we have medical so off to the dentist. I smile more when I leave

    Lady R/Lady Di:

    I forgot what you do. I thought to myself, no harm in posting my digital image, but then you know how to read it. I have never seen the needle, when it comes time, I close my eyes. I like it better when they pinch my lip really hard, to divert pain away from the target area

  12. I'm sure Dr. Terry did her best to be gentle with the dental filling for you to feel more relaxed. Perhaps you may request a shorter needle or an anesthetic.

    Jesse Hake

  13. I can see why you would want to go to the chair... where is this dentist? Let me find out...

  14. and it is easier to comment~

  15. Good dentists help us feel calmed, don’t they? I’m glad that you’re still giving time and effort to your teeth for them to look good. Relying on our dentist won’t be enough. Brushing and flossing should be done regularly too. I know you do that. Teeth that are taken care of look so much better. Cheers!

    Gunilla Cameron