Tuesday, February 14, 2012

29in29: 4teen

Happy Valentines Day to everyone, but we don't celebrate Greeting Card holidays, nor do we exchange gifts, so while this is an amorous day for most other people all I could think about all weekend was my date with my Dentist. Don't misunderstand, my Dentist is the most gentle, capable person that you will ever have the privilege of working in your mouth but I can't help but think about that numbing needle which is so heavy that it requires two people to move it into position

It is not easy to find free parking in downtown Vancouver so I arrive around 7am, snag a spot and have plenty of time to walk around taking photos while waiting for my 8:30am appointment.

(Burrard Street Bridge, before dawn)

Sunrise was scheduled for 7:26am today, so I am about half hour before the light of day. I loop around to Granville Street and catch a few police bikes parked, while their riders have a quick breakfast at the corner restaurant (I peeked into the window)


The sun is trying to find a way to shine through the clouds. There is not much happening at this early hour


A few moments later I am a block further north and it is getting much brighter. This used to be the main theatre area and there are dozens of restaurants and pubs along this stretch


It was nearing time for my dental appointment so as I was walking back to my Dentist's office I saw a few cyclists making use of their dedicated lanes


They even have their own stoplights with "bike" symbols


There is a "bike" symbol for each colour: Red, Yellow & Green


  1. I think either Eugene or Portland has just started using those bike lights too. I am sure we'll see more as time goes on.

    We don't celebrate Hallmark holidays either. We prefer to love each other every day not just when commercialized society says to. Some would call that cynical, I call it logical.

  2. I love that first photo. I always love the sparkle of lights in rain. Brings back so many good memories of my life in OR. And thanks for the mini-tour.

  3. Trobairitz:

    We celebrate on our terms, not when people say we should. Perhaps we will make a special meal this weekend . . .


    I like the rain for the reflections on the roadway. That photo was handheld, using Anti-shake mode. I steadied myself with a street sign and held my breath, squeezed the shutter slowly. In Anti-shake mode, my camera fires off a 3 burst sequence (with one shutter press). It then joins the 3 images and discards any blurry area in any of the photos and blends them into ONE image.

    the ones on Granville Street were taken in HDR mode. One shutter click produces a 3 shot sequence -2 ev, 0, +2 ev and blended in-camera

  4. Happy Valentine's day to you Bob. Valentine's Day for me is more about my daughter and I do little things for her that make her smile on this day just to make it a little extra special for her.

    Great photos of Downtown, too bad motorcycles didn't have their own dedicated lanes. The traffic cop bikes are pretty spiffy.

  5. Since when do bicycle riders follow any kind of signage?

    We also don't celebrate commercial 'holidays', and rather prefer to try to be kind every day to our loved ones...

    Again, lovely capture of the blue hour.

  6. i always love your pics bob; any style, any event, any camera...

  7. Great post chock-full of pictures. Vancouver is a place I need to visit.

  8. And I forgot to say... I'm so glad we are not alone in NOT celebrating the greeting card holidays. I'm glad it's almost over, though, so I can stop feeling like a Scrooge.

  9. I love watching a City come to life in the morning.

    And, we don't celebrate the greeting card holidays, either. But, chocolate is always nice.

  10. Dar:

    Your daughter is very lucky to have you two. As for motorcycles, the City of Vancouver will only give incentives to pedal-power or electic scooters, even though they contribute nothing towards anything


    The cyclists I saw that morning did obey the signal lights, and stayed in their own lanes. I think the non-working ones that are on welfare are the troublemakers

    Ms M:

    Ah shucks, thank you. I love you. I can say that because today is Valentine's Day. I also miss your "silouette" photos.


    As Sonja Mentioned, we don't follow Hallmark card days. They were dreamed up only to sell cards and most of these type of stores have virtually disappeared. We have great scenery up here and you should ride your bikes in our Canadian Rockies


    Since I just went to my Dentist, I am now A OKay for chocolates. I like dark chocolate, esp with almonds. It is easier to go downtown before sunrise this time of year. later in the summer you would have to wake up 2 hours earlier

  11. I'm not much for holidays. I could ignore the day, but Ron insists on flowers and made me pancakes for dinner. (What can I say... I do love pancakes!)

    I like the early-light photos the best. And I love the police bikes! I know we all get so sick of the rain, but the wet streets sure make nice reflections in photos.

    For obvious reasons I support bicycle riding, but the ones who don't follow the rules and make it dangerous for everyone tick me off too!

  12. BlueKat:

    I think I remember those RON-made pancakes in Montana, and also his bacon. That was a fun week, wasn't it . . . Plus all that gravel.

    Rain is good for road reflections but tail-lights are more colourful

  13. Vancouver looks very nice..I have a sister who lives there, and I'm looking forward to visiting her someday soon. I love your pictures! I hope that you had a great time on your date with the dentist..Heheh!

    Jesse Hake