Sunday, February 12, 2012

29in29: Twelve

The Olympic Athlete's Village is located on the south shore of False Creek where I ended up purchasing something for lunch. While I was waiting for them to prepare my sandwich, I walked about to see the BIG bird


Holy Hannah ! (I just had to write this, it's a favourite saying by you know who) What big claws you have Mr Bird. You are able to just make out our new rectractible stadium in the background


It was a nice day and I wanted to snap a few more photos, but work was waiting


  1. That is pretty cool. I hadn't seen the huge bird statue before.

    Those are some giant claws.

  2. The big bird reminds me of some nightmare I had when I was a kid... (it must have been shortly after I had seen Hitchcock's The Birds...)

  3. Aren't you glad that baby isn't flying overhead, can you just imagine what would happen?!!!!!

  4. Sheesh! What do you feed the birds up there anyway?

  5. Trobairitz:

    I think there are more statues/art work around town. They are going to be removed soon, just have to find out where they are


    I remember the movie "The Birds" too. There is a similar movie using "Black Crows".


    If they were flying overhead you would have to watch out for a load of that "white" stuff, or they would crush you when they landed


    We feed them BC mosquitos. Very filling. Just avoid the "red" ones

  6. Cool!

    I immediately thought nearly the same thing as Dar - That would sure do a number on your car, huh?

  7. Holy cow, that's the biggest sparrow I've ever seen!

  8. I'm freaking out just thinking of the size of the worms this thing eats!

    You have all the cool stuff up there.

  9. Fuzzy:

    There is more than one bird, it's just that it only had a view of the surrounding buildings. Perhaps I will go back and photograph it for you


    We have Artwork scattered throughout the city, which will be removed soon


    I don't like worms, especially large ones. Just think if these things were real, we would be "bird" food, and probably taste like "chicken"

  10. What?? No pink crocs for the bird? ;)