Wednesday, August 28, 2013

St Andre, Quebec to Beaconsfield, Quebec

We woke up bright and early at our Auberg on the banks of the St Lawrence River.  It was Thursday, August 1st, 2013

this was not unlike a regular B&B with a difference.   We were allowed to order a custom breakfast

I decided not to order the pancakes but I found out that they really meant crepes.   If I had known that, I would have ordered them but I didn't wish to create a fuss by making a special order, so I did without

At the time we didn't realize that this was going to be a long riding day.   Our original plan was to camp near Quebec City.   On the way we had to make several stops mainly to use the facilities and to order more much needed coffee so where else except Tim Hortons

The first thing you notice when you are in Quebec . . . is that everything is in French.  The menus look familiar but I can't read them but I can paraphrase a bit and get the gist of what it means.   Actually you see lots of French in New Brunswick as they receive many visitors from Quebec

Eventually we reached Quebec City and managed to play tourists for an hour or so.   I previously posted about it  HERE  .     I am trying to show you different photos than what was posted before.  I am not much of a consumer so we just walked around to get a taste of the ambience and sit down for a quick snack and beverage before heading on

It was here that I lost my Beavertail virginity.   Yes, this was my FIRST ONE.   With the Apple Cinnamon it was a bit gooey and messy but it tasted okay

Karen had a real Poutine so I also got to sample some, also for the first time.  We both also had fruit smoothies to wash it all down.   I didn't have to do much planning on this part of the trip.  My job was to just follow my tour guide and here she is programming our next stops on Garmin Dan.

We decided not to stay in Quebec City and try to make it to Montreal before Sunset.  It was here that I sent a message to David to hold dinner until we arrived.   He posted about it  HERE .    We didn't outrun the rain.  This is why we decided not to camp as we didn't want to have to pack up wet tents.

We arrived a bit late as we took the wrong exit and ended up on a different freeway.  It was very nice of David & Susan to Hold dinner and wait for us.  I can't thank them enough for all they had done to make our stay comfortable and feed us too.    Imagine Steaks and Chicken with all the trimmings after a long day on the road.

I was not able to process nor edit my video on the road, although I set my computer up to do it.  For some reason my editing program refused to work.  I also had problems with my GoPro Hero3 but I managed to upgrade the software and this must have fixed the problem.   So as I continue to work on my videos and post them up I intend to give you a preamble to set the scene and also share more photos of that day

So here you are, video of our ride to Montreal,  recorded on Thursday August 1st, 2013


  1. "Okay"! That's the best you can do for a Beavertail is "okay"? :)

    1. Canajun:

      It only rates a mere "OKAY" because it was gooey and so much filling that oozed out everywhere and then I had to wash my sticky hands after.

      Perhaps I should revise my rating to "3 thumbs up"

      I thought Beavertails just had sprinkled sugar on them

  2. Thanks for the video Bob. It must be nice for you reliving some of the little details of the trip while editing the video and reviewing your pictures.

    Maybe Beavertails are like Butter Tarts, they are best when the filling is running down your arm.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I still have some thoughts about riding alone and I had a couple of low points which I really didn't mention too much and it was difficult to have to rely on yourself to make the correct decisions. It is better to have a riding partner or someone whom you can share the same experiences so later you can laugh about them

      My Beavertail had a very generous topping of apple cinnamon, but then it was very pricey for what it was. Syrup was dripping everywhere

  3. In the last clip, what are all the straps flapping around in front of you?

    I thought that as far as sweets go, the gooyer the better....

    1. Richard:

      It was the tether for my left handed, shooting whilst riding, camera.

      I can't remember but I think that Beavertail cost over $12. so with the fruit smoothie we are talking $20. total. That's why I didn't say excellent. For that price it should have been

      We stopped at many Tim Hortons and I usually go for the Honey Crullers, sweet and soft

  4. It's true. food in Canada is as the food in the us except we are denied beaver tail? sounds strangely erotic. . when I was in Quebec mangling français as one does it occurred to me they are just a bunch of north Americans, who struggle to make themselves understood. a funny car licence ( I remember myself?) and poutine do not a culture make.mind you neither do hamburgers.

    1. Mr Conchscooter:

      Food is nearly the same no matter which side of the border but I have never had a corn fritter, nor a chicken steak before.

      I find it strange that all signs are in French as you cross into Quebec. I saw many traffic reader boards but I had no idea what they meant. You would think that they would use English to keep their roads safe for visitors. Imagine having to figure out EST or OUEST as you are exiting a freeway

    2. Bob, that's the only way we can get tourists to some parts of the province.

      Conch, "Je me souviens" simply means "I remember". Many are past worshipers here, and that's our credo.

      And yes, Quebecers are thoroughly North American, with a French spin. Watch out, there are parts of Florida that are bits of Quebec, particularly in Hollywood.

  5. Too bad you were disappointed with the Beaver Tail ... the best ones are sold along the frozen Rideau Canal (Ottawa) in January - hot, rich and just slightly sweet (no gooies, just a light sprinkling of powdered sugar.) The perfect way to warm up while skating on the world's longest skating rink.
    Your video brought that day back to me ...I remember the ancient shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence as it narrowed into the river. I remember a few wrong turns and Garmin Dan trying to lead us down a bicycle path that at one time, somewhere in his memory, had been a steep, narrow street. I remember warning you about streets clearly marked 'no motorcycles.' I remember the poor young man stopped on his Harley beneath the overpass, dressed in jeans and T-shirt clearly hoping that the rain would stop - it didn't, he left much wetter than us. I remember David and Susan's gracious hospitality, dry garage, warm shower and soft guest beds. An adventure is just that ... great memories.

    1. Karen:

      Yes, that was what I thought Beavertails were, with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. I think they made theirs gooey and full of fruit to be able to charge the tourists more.

      and Yes . . . I can hear your voice now, giving me instructions like a teacher would give her students. Oh how I would like to hear that voice again.

      and Yes, memories of good times with good friends. That's what life is about, great memories to look back upon . . . and smile

  6. Bob, Karen, you were great guests! It's nice to see the blank spots being filled in. It all adds up to a strange chronology, like one of those amnesia movies where the bits and pieces slowly click into place. Much more fun than a linear story.