Thursday, July 18, 2013

Camp Bellefonte, PA

Life in Camp Bellefonte, PA   My  tour guides have been waiting for me since Tuesday and my target date was originally Thursday which caused me a bit of grief trying to transverse this great land trying not to keep them waiting.  The plan for this tour was hatched late last year when I had two friends volunteer to show me around to places where I had never been before

My tour guides have also come from great distances.  David, from Montreal and Karen from Kingston, Ontario

I arrived yesterday just after 6pm having ridden another 500 mile day.   I was hungry as I didn't stop for lunch again as I was trying to conserve time.   We had a delicious "ordered in" pizza.   No one wanted to leave the pool in this humid heat so we had our food come to us

We set up camp and chatted the night away.    This morning I arose early as usual but forgot about the time change and instead of 6am it was really 7 am.   We are staying here another day and it was nice to not have to face another gruelling day on the road by myself.   I will now have company for the next while

We are leaving our camp soon to meet with the Steve, the Legend and author of "scooter in the sticks".  After that I have an appointment to have my bike serviced at Kissell Motorsports, in State College, PA where I hope to meet Craig Kissell

I am able to finally relax.  Nothing strenuous is planned and we may just sit in the sun and chat the day away.   The plan is to head to Portland Maine where Mike has/is/about to  round up a bunch of lobsters for a healthy dinner on Saturday

We may stay in Portland Maine for a few days.  Mike has volunteered to show us around and give us a sample of his most excellent Italian cooking

We will then head north into New Brunswick with our final destination to spend a few days on PEI: Prince Edward Island where we plan to ride over the Confederation Bridge.  From there who knows.  Most likely return through Quebec, Montreal and then spend some time near the Toronto Area.

I am behind on my escapades of the past few days but they will be caught up soon.  Just wanted to bring you up to date . . .


We are finally all in vacation mode

It's so hot here.   Feels like 100 F and not wanting to do or go anywhere

My tour guides are planning the next move.   My job is just to follow and they are making plans

Back on the road tomorrow but at scenic pace


  1. "Which caused me a bit of grief trying to transverse this great land trying not to keep them waiting."

    Cruising sailors have a saying: I can meet you at a time, or I can meet you at a place, pick one. :)

    I am in awe of your recent daily miles. Maybe it's just the ergonomics on my bike, but after 350 miles I am done for the day. I can't ride any further even if I want to.

    It is awesome that you've been able to meet up with so many people!

  2. Nice relaxing campsite pictures. Though I must question whether David is really there. All your pictures are of Karen.

    I must admit that it was kind of fun watching your spot track progress across the country. It brought back memories of the different areas. Hope you can actually get an opportunity to relax. After all, Steve may want to show you all around the area and before you know it you will have put in another 500 mile day.

    Lobsters in Maine, PEI, all sound like wonderful places. Have you used your cameras much so far on the mad dash across the country?

  3. Bike service? You have ridden 6,000 miles already??

  4. Nothing like a couple of lazy days in the heat and the pool to regenerate. Enjoy your relaxation time.

  5. Looks like a perfect way to slow down and enjoy your friends. Hopefully the cooler weather will get here / there by the weekend. Thanks much for taking us along!

  6. With those temperatures I can see why you wold want to be poolside.

    Riding to Maine then back into Atlantic Canada sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad you have good travel buddies.

  7. Added more pictures! It looks like a great meetup and I'm looking forward to the next part of your adventure with your new tour guides. PEI, somewhere I've always wanted to see.

  8. Very comfy set up. Glad you have a day's rest. Well deserved too. Enjoy it and hopefully the heat will let up.

  9. Bob we made it to Lincoln University PA today. I'm not sure if we can meet up tomorrow or not. Text me 951.660.7192 if you're still in the area.