Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 4 to Belle Fourche, SD continued

better WiFi tonight so I am only a day behind

There is a visitors centre along the Big Horn Scenic Byway with over looks over the narrow river gorge & the Shell Waterfall.   When I was there I met other bikers and I noticed their BC licence plates

They were returning from a rally in Georgia.   Bikers everywhere are always in the mood to chat .  I have been getting comments about my irregular eating habits and lack of fluid intake so today I thought I would try to be healthier and even asked directions to the local market

I left with some grapes and apples

I know, Juice.  I love juice even though water is better.  Maybe I am dehydrated.  I guzzled the first bottle in one gulp.   I had every intention of having this for lunch but it was very hot in my riding outfit so instead of sweating in the parking lot I had the bright idea to stop somewhere and just sit in my shorts and eat then.  So off I went and I didn't stop anywhere.

They had free pancakes at the campsite and charged extra for the sausages and juice so that's all I had all day.  (I didn't even have dinner, more about this later)

I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and the heat was hot so I had to stop somewhere but there was no shade.  I had a few gulps of my juice but didn't touch the fruit.  I sweat a lot in my riding boots so I needed some relief

Soon I continued on my way north on 14 near Moorcraft

It was a nice, not so busy road and about half an hour later I reach my destination

I can't come this far and not take a few side trips

Of course I had to pose my bike too

This was taken with my new Sigma 18-250mm Canon EOS lens.  I am really liking it.  Gives you a bit of compression for distance objects like the Devil's Tower

It was getting to be late in the afternoon and I still had an hour or so to get to my campsite but not before I fuel up at this old style gas station

Nothing electronic here.  Mechanical pumps which you turn up the lever when you remove the nozzle.  I went inside to prepay and he said to just fill up and come inside to pay later.   Just like the old days

I did arrive to an empty place, no one around and self register forms.  I didn't feel comfortable being there with no one around and also there were black thunderclouds all around with major rain coming

I know that Erik speaks highly of this place and I wanted to try it, but not tonight.  Erik has a link to Hyatt's Hideaway on his sidebar

I head back 3 miles to Hwy 85 and stop at the first hotel on my left.   The girl tells me they are full and I notice the parking lot is full of bikes.  As I leave the torrential downpour begins and it also feels like hail.  My jacket, gloves and pants are soaked in seconds.  My rain gear is packed somewhere not very accessible.

I head down the street to the hotel on the right.  The lobby is full of bikers who had just ridden in.  I wait patiently for my turn and then the Girl tells me that they have just given out their last room

The raindrops are bouncing off the ground.   I have no choice but to head out in my soaked gear and I find a place up the street, lucky me

I just didn't feel like going out for dinner so I finished off my Grapes and apple and added two granola bars to the mix with the idea that I would start the next day with a good breakfast.

I have a sensitive stomach but I suppose with the heat and lack of fluids it gave me an upset stomach so I took a few does of Imodium which I usually carry and I was hoping that I would be better in the morning


  1. I'm not a fan of riding in the rain, but I guess it's better to face it at the end of the day than at the beginning. You made the right choice to stay at a motel. I think you would have been rained on while putting up your tent. Everything would have gotten wet...

    In about a week and a half Wyatt's will be packed with Sturgis Rally traffic. It's strange to see it empty.

  2. Bob, you really need more water. Dehydration is not good for humans. Buy a six pack of water bottles and stop often to drink one. When you run out, buy more. Drink one, shove one in each pocket, tuck the other three under the ROK strap. Repeat all day long.

  3. Bob, dehydration and heat stroke can/will kill. Stay hydrated at all times.

  4. nice little gas station. And I like the gas price there better than around here. On the Alaska Hwy, you run into the old gas pumps often and you know when you reach civilization is when they want you to prepay.

    I won't hassle you about your diet or hydration as it sounds like you are getting more than enough advice...

  5. Bob,

    Love your photos! Sorry you're not feeling well.

    Highway and I find protein crucial on the days we ride. We load up on jerky, steak, burgers, cheese and protein drinks, especially on ride days. I keep jerky in my pocket and take a nibble as I ride (along with my Sour Patch Kids Candy ~ for an afternoon sugar boost!!)

    I'm not gonna hassle you either. Just telling you what works for us. We both have sensitive tummies, so we listen to our bodies. I'm hypoglycemic, so a breakfast of pancakes and only fruit and juice all day would send me into a coma! LOL!

    Hope you're feeling better and can enjoy your trip. It really sucks to be physically miserable when you just want to ride. I know.


  6. I am glad you were finally able to find a motel. My guess is the rain drove all the riders to stop for the night. Everyone searching for a room and only so many to rent.

  7. Hey Bob,
    Glad to see all the Photos and hear how your trips going But You do really need to Eat Better on the road and Don't Drink a ton of water and another thing to think about is with all the heat your going though one of the Hydration Vests that you dip in water and wear under your jacket to try and keep you cooler in this heat wave that's going on....
    From the looks of your trip it sure looks good and wish I could of done it with you...
    Maybe one day.
    Well take care my friend and be safe and Drink lots of water..
    Rob (Can Am Spyder RT.)

  8. The road leading alongside Shell Waterfall (US 14) is a peach of a road and fantastic fun to ride. You are seeing many places I have been to!

  9. Hi Bob, I'm late to the party but just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your blog. I stumbled across VStar Lady [Karen's] blog and she recommended yours. There are many similarities in us so I think its why I am enjoying the read. I too am late to the long distance thing. Always rode sport bikes but the last few years have been doing more weekend trips. So far longest has been 5 days to Maine and back via Connecticut. I live not far from Karen in Belleville, ON. I also tend to push myself as you do and never seem to take the time to eat properly or drink enough. I get by on one meal a day --- usually big greasy breakfast then ride til I cant. I camp minimally and have the bad habit of waiting far too long into the evening before I start looking for a campground and end up searching in the dark, which can be a challenge since I'm a techno-doofus so I dont have GPS or anything. Great job on your blog and I'm loving the photos!