Thursday, July 11, 2013

day 2 Spokane, WA to Bozeman, MT

The day started off early but I left late.   The plan was to pack up and get on the road by 8am.  I spent too much time fiddling with my stove trying to "cook" a package of instant oatmeal by boiling water

the weather started off perfect, not as hot as yesterday and I even brought a bottle of water

most of my day was looking like this.  I thought that I was well rested for for the first few hours I was nodding off and trying to keep my eyes open.  I even wandered to both sides of my lane but each time I snapped out of it just in time so I thought that had better find a place to eat.  I was trying to time it for noon so I kept riding

and it was around 11:30 am when I reached St Regis, MT.  I thought I would have an early lunch, but in fact I lost an hour when I crossed into Idaho.   For some reason when I am alone I don't feel like eating but I ordered the special of the day and some ice tea

As hard as I tried I could barely finish half of the sandwich and left behind most of the tater tots, but I did drink two glasses of the iced tea.   Must have been dehydrated but I didn't feel it

I didn't want to look at the highway all day so I took a detour to Historic Wallace

The plan was just to ride around and look at the buildings but I stopped when I noticed this sign

of course I had to go inside to investigate

It's also a museum and they have "accessories" for sale too

It looks like a neat place to spend a few hours, but I didn't have time today

It seems that the whole town is geared for tourists in a 50's setting with props to match

After I left Wallace the weather took a turn for the worse.  The last 100 miles or so to Bozeman was very gusty and the wind came without warning.   I got to make some unplanned lane changes so I had to be careful and lower my speed.  The usual speed limit in MT is 75 miles an hour and I was always at the upper limit until the wind came, then I reduced my speed to 60-65 miles an hour and cars were passing me like I was standing still

I could see the storm closing in from all sides and it did sprinkle a bit.  It was very hard to set up my tent as the wind was very strong

My original plan was to make my own meal from those dehydrated foil packs but with the wind there was no way to start my stove so I ended up with some fast food which I am struggling to finish

So I didn't wimp out, I passed a motel6 and thought about turning in but I continued on my way to my campsite.  Rumour is that we may get some rain overnight but I am really hoping not.  I suppose I would just have to roll up my tent wet and dry it out later

Not that any of you are interested but two girls in the next tent from WA state . . .  got to go now . . .


  1. Bob ... you're an inspiration to us all. Rather than fast food & truck stop diners, try a few grocery stores. Jennifer & I like to grab a bun or two, along with some premium sliced deli meat (beef, turkey, ham) for lunch time stops on the go. Some fruit & juice and away you go. Healthy eating = more alert mind while cruising down the highway.

  2. If you don't have a schedule then how do you know whether or not you have "enough time"? I too advocate the grocery store route for lunch. As fast as fast food and a much healthier selection. Plus it wouldn't be fried or grilled.

    Which stove did you bring on this trip? The MSR or the alchohol? I think that the alchohol stove would be pretty difficult to use on a windy day but the MSR should be a cinch to get going…

    Still envious...

  3. If your tent does get wet put it on top of your luggage und let it dry as you ride. The rest of the rude seems to be going well.

  4. Visitations to the bordello, followed by camping next to 2 'girls' in only your first 2 days. What will Mrs Skoot think. You'll get home and all your clothes will be on the front lawn and your keys won't work. Careful mate.

  5. I'm with Chiller Tek. 😄 Wallace was the setting for Dante's Peak, one of my favorite disaster flicks. I bet the dehydration was responsible for the lack of energy. I, too, often don't feel like eating when riding alone. But you have to keep up your strength.

  6. I'm with Chiller Tek. 😄 Wallace was the setting for Dante's Peak, one of my favorite disaster flicks. I bet the dehydration was responsible for the lack of energy. I, too, often don't feel like eating when riding alone. But you have to keep up your strength.

  7. Interesting day! That museum is certainly unique and I bet it was fascinating too.

    Now about that drowsiness on the ride...I hope you were kidding. If not, get thee to a motel and get some good, solid sleep and a hot shower before starting out on the next leg of the journey! No shame in that.

    Hope this day goes as well as yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing what is next on your journey!

  8. Grocery stores and Walmart SuperStores Bob - the best place to stop for fresh food fast. You can even get some ready to go meals like sandwiches and salads and veggie trays. I may need to try the strap the tent on the back and let it dry routine today. Wicked storm overnight and am trying to decide rain delay day or not. You might need to think about taking a refresher break every hour ... it's something I always do.(Takes me three hours longer to get anywhere than it should, but I feel safer doing it - again, walk around in an air-conditioned Wally-mart, have a cold drink and chill out.)

  9. You are making very good progress. So, make sure you are drinking enough water and eating well, as others have suggested. And, perhaps each third or fourth night, get a motel.

    Very interesting trip. Can't wait to see the next installment.

  10. Bob, lots of good advice here. I'm a newb to touring so no advice from me. Be safe, be happy.

  11. I agree with the grocery store comments, much better food and better for you. Fruit is nature's fast food and will help rehydrate you without making you drowsy. Try apples/prepackaged slices, grapes, bananas, small/half watermelon, nectarines, peaches, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes or prepackaged salads. Be careful, mesh gear will also dehydrate you.

    You want to be in top form not only on a motorcycle but campground visits too.

  12. Don't you just love the way we all are telling you to behave? After all you're only 67...

    I see you're headed for Beartooth Pass, you don't want to be dehydrated or sleepy on that road! Looking forward to the next post.

  13. Funny, on a long trip I don't eat big either, but at the end of the day... I eat like a pig. Great trip!

  14. Exactly how many covert pictures did you take of the girls in the tent next door?

    No wait, I don't wanna know.

    Hope you had another good day and stopped to eat some yummy food.

  15. Everyone is saying go to the grocery store, so I'm going to counter that by saying go to local eateries and ask for something unique to the area. Sash and I do that often, going into non-chain places, and asking the server for something you can't get anywhere else. It'll cost you more money to eat this way, but then again, I can get buy cold cuts at any grocery store anywhere.