Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday at Charlottetown Farmer's Market

Camping in the rain is a challenge.  The rain has been following us for the past few days.  It rained so hard on Friday morning that we decided to stay another day in Cavendish to wait out the storm.  Saturday was another long day on the road in varying conditions that we decided to change locations and head towards Charlottetown.   3 hours by Google Maps turned into another 7 hour day so the decision was made to find a motel and not have to worry about packing up a wet tent the next morning

Try as we might to find a suitable (ie: cheap) hotel met with little success.   The first few we tried were fully booked.  It seems that the St Johns Mosquito baseball team was in town and all the rooms were taken.  So we wake up to a morning sunrise the next day

in familiar surroundings.  It's a lucky thing we have alternatives by bringing our camping equipment

We head into town and walk about the main streets and find that today is Farmer's Market day on Queen street

There were stalls set up with vendors selling locally crafted items

There were several musicians entertaining the tourists

and more places to have an ice cream

Many of the buildings have been refurbished to modern standards

after strolling the waterfront and a few side streets for a few hours we mounted our bikes and headed for Wood Island and saw some interesting staging areas along the way

and eventually ended up at the Historic lighthouse

a relaxing day in Charlottetown, PEI


  1. That is a pretty lighthouse. Is it still in use as a lighthouse or as a tourist attraction? Nice photos of a beautiful area. Isn't it nice to have options such as camping. If you have a mesh bag, you can dry your wet tent while riding. Putting it in a dry bag means it stays wet…

  2. Beautiful! I want to ride out there?

  3. Is there a hurricane due soon? The sky looks so serene.

  4. What a wonderful place to ride and explore!

    Each day is really bringing more and more delights in this phase of your journey...or so it seems to me!

  5. More great pictures. it is nice that you stumbled upon the Farmer's Market.

    Nice lighthouse picture. I like to see the bikes with them.

  6. How easy did you find it to extend your stay by an additional day? Some campgrounds here in Ontario are fully booked in the summer. But, I have little experience in this, which is why I ask...

  7. Bob, I'm curious about how you manage rainy weather. Have you had a situation where you pack up the tent in the rain, then re-pitch in the rain? If so, how dry is the interior? How dry is your riding gear?