Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recap: am so far behind

I had intended my trip to be Live and updated each evening so you know where I am

Right now I am in a Motel6 in Plymouth, Indiana in the middle of nowhere.  I was rushing to get to La Crosse since by chance Dom was going to be there the same day for a birthday party

Day 5: July 14, 2013 Sun

I left Belle Fourche and ended up in Murdo SD.   I got a message from Dom and I had to put on the miles to catch him.   So for now I will just post up a couple of photos and perhaps do a more detailed report when I get home

I headed to Deadwood, SD.  I have heard lots about this place and I was supposed to meet someone here, but he is presently not in good health and I wish him well.  He told me last year when I was planning my trip and he said "I'll meet you in Deadwood or I'll be dead . . . "

I was wishing to see a restored western town but instead found a tourist trap, full of casinos

It is easier to meet people when you are riding alone.  Meet Stan & Becky who had ridden their Harleys from Indiana

I visited the Crazy Horse Memorial.  Great Place lots of Native artesans with jewelry for sale, museum and many artifacts on display.  Only $5. per bike and rider .  Yes it was raining most of the day.   Forecast was 30% chance of rain but it waas 100% where I was.   Warm and humid rain, very hot with riding gear on

Close up view of the Zip Lock bag water prevention system for Garmin Nuvi GPS units

Mt Rushmore is overrated.  Not worth the $11. price to park for a 30 second photo opp

Here's the view from the side of the road.  Chief Crazy Horse's head is larger than the 4 Presidents combined

Sort of how it looked all day

My new Olympia rain suit passed the test.  This was later in the day farther east on I-90 at a rest area

Undercover parking and a room for only $39.95 so just had to grab it.   I was only intending to have a good dinner and ride a few more hours

I am parked beside a rare converttible Jeepster 4x4.  Most convertibles were only 2WD, and this one also had Air/Con

Day 6:  July 15th, 2013 Mon

Half an Iron Butt to get to La Crosse to meet up with Dom and family.  What a co-incidence that he was right along my flight path

Dayt 7:  July 16, 2013  Tues

I`m tired.  It`s already past 1am here  (2 hour time difference) and I have a big day tomorrow with lots of miles to ride.   There is a reason that I have to press on which will be devulged later.  This unplanned, no place to be ride is turning out to be a marathon.   Soon I will be able to slow down and enjoy my vacation


  1. 1:00 am recaps and heading out to ride in the morning pushing to get somewhere on time is not a good combination.

    Praying for you (safety & alertness).

    Take care,

    Robert, the Reverend

    1. I don't understand all this stress. There is nothing in the rulebook that says a writeup has to be done on the ride. the briefest of words to prompt the memory, and half the next months columns could be the story of the trip. It could easily be a way to make things easier instead of harder. To me , fun is good, safe is good.

      everything else is strictly optional.

  2. Bob, I'm sorry but if you can't keep us entertained with prompt posts you'll just have to turn around and go home! Okay, yeah, just kidding. Do what you can do, don't get stressed out, enjoy the ride, your readers will still be here.

  3. Riding in the rain still beats working hands down...

    Keep on trucking and have fun!

  4. The Spot has been keeping us all updated on your progress. Don't stress about posting. Just enjoy the ride and you can tell us all about it later.

  5. I agree with you about Mt Rushmore. It is very over-rated and expensive (to park). Crazy Horse is much cheaper and much better, with a great visitor centre and things to see. We will just have to wait a few hundred years for it to be finished.....

  6. Bob, It's too bad that your schedule doesn't allow for a little more time to get off the interstate. In the Black Hills, you were so close to some really fun roads to ride... Vanocker Canyon Rd, Spearfish Canyon Rd, Nemo Rd...

    I agree on the over priced parking at Rushmore. I'll never pay again! With your selection of camera equipment you could have had some great photo opportunities... Come north on Iron Mountain Rd. (16A) from hwy 36. You ride through 2 tunnels that are pointed directly at Rushmore. Stop at the Norbeck Scenic Overlook for a great, but distant view of Rushmore. Pig tail bridges too.

    Hope you're eating and drinking more!


  7. Hope you arrive at your meet up safely today Bob. You'll be able to relax when you get there. As long as you are having fun, that is the main thing.

    We'll still be here reading your posts when you get home.

  8. Deadwood isn't too bad as long as you don't have any expectations. But then again, with a name like Deadwood it brings up images from old westerns. I have to say that I enjoyed walking around both Mt. Rushmore more than Crazy Horse. There were some trails that led up and around the base of Mt. Rushmore which were pretty nice, especially on a rainy day (hardly any other tourists out walking) but Crazy Horse had a much better gift shop.

    "There is a reason that I have to press on which will be devulged later. "

    I think the cat is already out of the bag on another blog. At least you'll get a break after today's marathon ride. What I was wondering is did you get to meet Sojourner/Sharon in Chicago? There hasn't been a post in a couple of years since ChrisL stopped by.

    Nicely restored Jeepster. I remember back in the early 70s seeing a lot of Jeepsters for sale. Not very popular. Everyone wanted either the Willys wagon or a CJ (or MB). The Jeepsters would sit on the used car lots for months.

  9. Man, that is some whirlwind tour of the upper midwest you had there. :)

    That's a sweet Jeepster. I hadn't even been aware of such a vehicle until I was at a car museum recently. I think they're cool.

  10. Congratulations, phase I of your marathon rive is completed. Hopefully, you'll relax for a while now!