Wednesday, July 10, 2013

day 1 Vancouver BC to Spokane, WA

I left one hour later than usual in an attempt to miss the Seattle commuter traffic.   Hwy 405 to I-90 is at a standstill every morning and my plan sort of worked but it was still gridlocked

There was a small line at the Cdn/US border crossing and not too many questions this time.   The

replacement bridge on I-5 near Mount Vernon is now in place so you don't have to take the detour

Looks like they have more struts in place now.   This is the view from Vantage, WA of the Columbia Gorge

and if you look behind me

you will see my bike and something in the background.  Here is a closer look

It's the Wild Horse Monument   (info here)

I don't know how good this place was as no one was there

It's hard to ride in 90 degree heat and I was sweating so I managed to slip out of my riding gear for a while

and I managed to find a home for tonight

and had a perfect place to set up my portable work station

Today I managed to cover only 698 kms (436 miles).   I was getting heat stroke and I never stopped for lunch and I had no water with me either.  So I pulled in early.


  1. I found the heat in central WA to be almost unbearable last year. No water! I think I went through over a gallon on that day. I was thinking that maybe you were headed for the mountains of Idaho as it may be a little cooler. It looks like you found a nice campground for your first night.

    What is your daily mileage goal? 400-500 per day?

  2. Digging that wild horse monument!

    700km is a nice little ride. Remember to stop for a drink though!

  3. I've been slacking in the blog region lately but I'm glad I didn't miss the start of this little adventure of your Bob.

    That eatery looks lonely. Love the shot of the wild horse monument behind your bike. Wow the scenery is stunning!

    Only 698 km .. there's no way I'd do that 3-400 a day is pretty much my limit .. I'd say that's a good days' ride!!

  4. Bob, that picture of the Columbia is amazing.

    In a strange-ish coincidence, I was showing a colleague your progress, and the most recent Spot trace had you right in the middle of the bridge.

  5. Bob

    Take care of the heat - try a camelback - my tour guide to Garmisch had one in similar temperatures!.

    How do you take onboard photos?


  6. Ah, it is all a matter of perspective, as I checked your spot walla map and thought WOW, you made great progress. But ya know I am a URAL-wife, so that puts everything into a different light.

    Now, be sure to take care of yourself. The effects of dehydration can sneak up on you, what you drink today will impact how you feel tomorrow. So, drink up my friend! Nurses orders!

    Wishing you a fun filled, trouble free adventure!

  7. Bob, It looks like you found a nice place to camp for the night. You took some nice pictures too.

    I have to agree with the others, stay hydrated! It sneaks up on you and hits without warning. When I get dehydrated I get mentally slower and semi confused. One day, I couldn't remember my zip code to get the gas pumps to work for me! In heat like that, a Camelbak is priceless! Even a cheap one from Walmart is better than going without any fluids.

    If you shop for one, look for a easy to access, wide mouth fill. I use mine all the time on cross country trips. Refill it when you stop for gas. I've never had any clerk tell me NO when I've asked if I could fill mine with ice when I buy water or a sports drink... Oh, don't forget to eat too!

  8. Bob, I enjoyed following your Spot yesterday. It kept me from doing acutul work, Thank You. ;-) Do be careful as you head east, find a way to carry water with you and don't forget to drink it. As you come down out of the mountains in the next day or so the heat can become quite intense, Drink that water. Safe travels. I look forward to following your Spot. GAW

  9. Hooray for the start of your journey.

    I recognize those sights. it has been a long time since we've driven by the horse monument.

    Take care and have fun even if you are on the interstate. Ick blah, but it will get you there faster.

  10. I was following your Spot track and thought you were making good progress. Nice pictures. Thank you.

    Last year I stopped at a lot of McDonalds for a late morning coffee, leg stretch, bio break. Again around 1pm for lunch, and maybe again around 4pm if I was doing a later push for distance. This kept me hydrated, but an onboard water supply is great for when you stop for a photo opportunity.

    Going to check your map right now. Keep having fun.

  11. Too bad that restaurant was closed down. Judging by the garish sign, it had to have been good. No goat cheese/radicchio routine there, I'd bet.

    Great shot of your laptop on the picnic table. Without my computer yesterday, I was not a happy camper.

    Great shots all around, computer or no computer.

  12. 90 degree heat is not bad at all. We rode 220 miles under light to heavy rain today. Nice pics of the abandoned restaurant!

  13. Glad you found a spot for the night early - when it's so hot, that's the thing to do. Drink up! Ride safe.

  14. Dude...hydrate or die....its that simple.


  15. No water?!? Get a camelback. The flat states in the middle will be worse. Keeping me eye on that Spot. Horse monument is cool, so was the Gorge. And you've only just begun...

  16. Wow! You're on your way! I've been thinking about your progress and wishing you well.

    I hope you are having a blast. I know you are. Sort of fun, sort of scary too.

    To echo the others, drink up! The Camelbak is a great idea. Wal-Mart sells a reasonable clone version in the camping section.

    We've had horrible heat and storms in the midwest but today got some relief today.

    I hope you are riding into this nice weather as you head eastward.

    Sweet dreams and safe riding...

    Catch ya tomorrow!