Sunday, July 14, 2013

Deadwood, SD

For breakfast. WiFi not good last night getting behind


  1. You're going to find wifi is spotty at best in some places so be prepared to do catch up posts when you get home.

  2. I love my Android hotspot and iPad combo. Total freedom and total mobility

  3. aahhh...the Black Hills. Hope you slow down throw there and enjoy some of the great sights offered.

  4. Ride safe, relax and enjoy the scenery.

    From the Black Hills to the New England states, the roads less travelled and well travelled have much to offer.

    Wish I had the liberty to join you on this journey, but still a few years to go until retirement. We will have to do some sort of epic trip when I turn 65. I should have stayed with preaching (I was getting 6 weeks of holidays per year as mandated by provincial, ie. Manitoba labour standards for my years of continuous employment).

  5. Deadwood is a nice little town in the middle of a beautiful area. Enjoy!

  6. Bob!
    Text Dom!!!! Looks like Tomorrow (Monday), you will be cross our path and Dom would love (and has my blessing) to ride along with you.
    Also, I know that you'd be more than welcome to stop in at my dad's....he's just outside of Lacrosse WI....and if it works, that you need a place to stay, am sure we can find a place to pitch the tent and enjoy a meal good company!
    It would just be too great of a coincidence for our paths to cross yet again!

  7. Bob, My buddy john was up visiting this weekend. We were putting tires on his FJR and every time we took a break we had to come in and check the spot tracker to see where you were. I'm glad you took some time to get off the interstate and see more of South Dakota.

    Maybe some year there should be a bloggers meet in the Black Hills area of SD. It's the geographic center of North America and has plenty of good roads and things to see!

    If you decide to come north, I'll find a place, out of reach of the bears, for you! LOL

  8. I'd like to see Deadwood too.

  9. Sunday @ 9:30pm PDT I'm noting that you are located at the junction of Route 90 & US 83.

    U.S. Route 83 is one of the longest north–south U.S. Highways in the United States, at 1,885 miles (3,034 km). Only four other north–south routes are longer: U.S. Routes 1, 41, 59 and 87. The highway's northern terminus is north of Westhope, North Dakota, at the Canadian border, where it continues as Manitoba Highway 83. The southern terminus is in Brownsville, Texas, at the Veterans International Bridge on the Mexican border, connecting with Mexican Federal Highway 180.

    The northern Canadian terminus is Swan River where Jennifer & I lived before moving to Greater Vancouver. If you're thinking of heading north or south of Route 90, "don't!" It's wasteland for miles either direction. Can't say that where you're located is any better. It's the only time I remember saying of a particular highway ... "enough of this, already!"

    There was a time when I had a grandiose idea of travelling Canadian terminus in the north to the American terminus in the south. That idea died quickly the one time I drove from Swan River to where you are at the moment.

    Fortunately, the travelling east & west is much more pleasant.