Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 3 Beartooth Pass

Firstly, thank you for all your comments.  I read them all but I am getting behind in my replies.  For some reason campsites do not have electrical outlets and I have to use a plug somewhere else.  Like tonight I am sitting outside of the washroom on a hard wooden bench which is giving me a bum ache because of the wrong typing angle.  Plus I am typing in the dark on a small laptop and missing the keys a lot

I am not used to Solo Traveling, whether by Plane or by Motorcycle.  I tend not to eat or stop so on a hot day I just keep riding.  Then because of this heat I can't seem to eat, I don't feel hungry.  I buy a meal and have to force myself to eat it

I got an early start this morning, packed up and left the campsite early.  I decided not to fiddle with my MSR Whisperlite stove as my plan was to go somewhere for a good breakfast to start my day right

The two girls have also packed up bright and early BUT they locked their car keys inside their car and had to wait for someone to open it

As I was looking for a place to eat in Downtown Bozeman I continued down the main drag, I think and then I stopped behind another bike which looked familiar.  He was from the same campsite . He was riding to the Valkyrie rally in WI.  Long story short we ended up on the Interstate.   I managed to find a meal a few miles down the road.   Eventually I made it to exit 408 and then headed south to Red Lodge where I found the start of the Beartooth Highway

I am not sure I have ever been on a road with so many switchbacks, no shoulders and no where to pull out for photos and one-handed photo taking is not that safe, but I managed a few anyway

There were many bikes out today

My bike was leaned over on the last switchback into this gravel pull out and I nearly dumped as my front wheel rolled over a big rock in the middle of the road.

The day started very hot at the bottom so I removed most of my layers, but I was freezing at the top.  There was still snow up there

This was the first viewpoint.  Two groups of Harley riders.  they gave me the evil eye as I parked among them

I even managed to squeeze in the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Very little traffic.  Nice sweepers over rolling hills.  Changing terrain

Some road has patchwork and tar snakes

and other sections are newly paved

You travel at the bottom of a valley and then you hit many switchbacks at the Eastern End.   Karen !  Yes, I mean lots of switchbacks mainly uphill.  I think you may like them , , ,

I ended up my day in Cody, WY.   Here is the famous Buffalo Bill's Hotel Irma.   No, I didn't have a meal here.  When I am alone I just eat junque food

but I did manage to snap a photo before the sun when down


  1. Boy am I glad that you didn't also lock your keys on your bike. ;)

    Slow down and enjoy the scenery. Take a book into the restaurants and take your time.

    Have fun.

  2. Lovely pics. As BG said, just take a book or newspaper in and read while you eat. I hate dining alone, too. Unless I'm sitting at a bar. I love an ice cold beer at the end of a long riding day. Beartooth Pass and CJSH look grand. I sure hope your dry weather continues.

  3. Even if I had a BIG machine like yours, I am a back road rider. Even in the car. Hate the interstates. More sights and friendly folks to meet that way. Just a thought.

    I am with the above poster...slow down, enjoy, eat hearty, drink lots of water, take time to see the sights. You and your bike ought to get some conversations going. Just that alone.

    I loved seeing the changing landscapes. Beautiful, but it looks hot and dry.

    Did you know that Annie Oakley was from here in Ohio? Guess she made it out to Wyoming too!

    Safe riding...see ya tomorrow!

  4. I am glad you had the chance to get off the interstate and ride some more pleasurable twisty roads and not just Flatlanistan. Or is that Flatlandia.

    I am with Lori. It isn't a race, slow down and enjoy the ride. It is supposed to be for pleasure not to get there as fast as you can without stopping to smell the roses. And for goodness sakes Have Fun!!!

  5. A new state to add to your map on your website. Was Beartooth Pass worth the detour south (as opposed to just heading east)? The last time I was there I had a crew cab and 12 foot camper. Not too much fun on the switchbacks.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's travels.

  6. When we did Beartooth Pass, by the time we got half way to the top there was nickel size hail and we were not wearing helmets. We did manage to find a spot we could pull over and put our helmets on. It was and still is my favorite ride ever. I am so glad you got to experience it. Chief Joseph Scenic Highway is also beautiful. It is such beautiful country!

  7. The Beartooth. It looks like the snow is a bit lighter this year. Usually in July it's still 6' deep along the side of the road :)

    I'm with Trobairitz and Beemergirl, make yourself slow down and soak in a bit of that country. Just let it percolate.

    The lack of appetite and a seeming lethargy is to me a sign of dehydration. That's the country... the open high desert... that I've lived in my whole life, from Arizona to Montana. Pushing a bike through that dry air in the heat will suck the water out of you deceptively fast, and once gone its hard to catch up. I'd say you need to be drinking two or three quarts a day of pure sweet water to keep up.

    That ride and the one to the east, up into the Bighorns across the valley east of Cody, and then down out of those mountains into Sheridan... are two of the sweetest rides I've ever ridden... Just Joyous.

  8. I echo the comments about slowing down and soaking up the world. What's the hurry?

    Be careful with the hydration -- it will sneak up on you. The ride home from the BMW rally in Bloomsburg a couple years ago was hot -- 100F and above. I drank four quarts of water in two hours and was dumping water on myself to stay cool.

    Great landscapes you're in and I love to read your posts. Looking forward to your arrival here next week. Be safe!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  9. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing with us.